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Anatomic ACL Reconstruction is a new interactive technique guide, that will review the latest innovations in anatomic ACL reconstructions. The options for primary ACL reconstruction are the transtibial approach, the outside in (2 incision) approach, and the hyperflexion technique (accessory
anteromedial portal reaming). The outside in and hyperflexion technique have been shown to more reliably recreate the femoral attachment of the ACL compared to the transtibial approach. The ACUFEX◊ PINPOINT Anatomic ACL Guide System (Smith & Nephew, Andover, MA) is a valuable tool in helping for the anatomic placement of the ACL during the outside in approach and the hyperflexion approach. Indications for “outside-in” femoral drilling include revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, drilling an all-epiphyseal tunnel in the skeletally immature, patients with long (>45mm of tendon) bone-patellar tendon-bone autografts to prevent graft tunnel mismatch, and in cases where the leg cannot be hyperflexed for accessory anteromedial portal drilling because of leg size.


Smith & Nephew is excited to introduce this guide as part of its interactive educational series for orthopedic medical professionals built specifically for the iBookstore. Produced in collaboration with leading surgeons in the orthopedic field, this innovative technique guide series includes asll aspects of both existing and emerging procedures across all the various joints.


In addition to traditional written content and images, users will be able to dig deep and interact with surgical videos, image galleries, anatomic models and educational “widgets” related to the procedure. Combine this with build-in features like highlighting, note taking and integrated glossaries and you have a truly immersive and engaging educational experience for the reader.  


This technique guide was prepared under the guidance of Darren L. Johnson, MD, Luigi A. Pederzini, MD and Adam Vincent Metzler, MD, and under close collaboration with each physician. It is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It contains a summary of medical techniques and opinions based upon the surgeons' training and expertise in the field, along with their knowledge of Smith & Nephew's knee arthroscopy and repair products. Smith & Nephew does not provide medical advice and this technique guide is not intended to serve as such. It is the responsibility of the treating physicians to determine and utilize the appropriate products and techniques according to their own clinical judgment for each of their patients. For more information on the products in this surgical technique, including indications for use, contraindications, effects, precautions and warnings, please consult the products' Instructions for Use (IFU).

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