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“The ancestors are out there…you have to believe me.”

From acclaimed author Scott Sigler—New York Times bestselling creator of Infected and Contagious—comes a tale of genetic experimentation’s worst nightmare come true.
Every five minutes, a transplant candidate dies while waiting for a heart, a liver, a kidney.  Imagine a technology that could provide those life-saving transplant organs for a nominal fee ... and imagine what a company would do to get a monopoly on that technology.
On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic, PJ Colding leads a group of geneticists who have discovered this holy grail of medicine. By reverse-engineering the genomes of thousands of mammals, Colding's team has dialed back the evolutionary clock to re-create humankind’s common ancestor. The method? Illegal. The result? A computer-engineered living creature, an animal whose organs can be implanted in any person, and with no chance of transplant rejection.
There's just one problem: these ancestors are not the docile herd animals that Colding's team envisioned. Instead, Colding’s work has given birth to something big, something evil.
With these killer creatures on the prowl, Colding and the woman he loves must fight to survive — even as government agents close in to shut the project down, and the deep-pocketed company backing this research proves to have its own cold-blooded agenda.  
As the creators become the prey in the ultimate battle for survival, Scott Sigler takes readers on the ultimate thrill-ride—and offers a chilling cautionary account of what can happen when hubris, greed, and madness drive scientific experimentation past the brink of reason.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 22
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

RussellM123 ,

Crazy ride

Once the poop hits the fan about half way through, it doesn't stop! Well developed cast of characters! Good read.

Avinjer ,

Real Science Fiction/Horror

I say that and define it this way. Scott Sigler's stories are very well researched and this one is so well written it could actually take place. It is very believable. I told my wife she should read it to see why I had become such a fan of Scott Sigler. She isn't as big a fan of horror as I am and consequently blamed me for the month of bad dreams that followed and says she will never look at Holstien cattle the same again. In short, read this book. You'll be glad you did. Then go out and find all of his works. Hint: He gives it all away as audio books so if you don't want to buy in right away you are under no obligation. You can listen for free and then decide. I'm sure you'll start buying his work like the rest of us so he'll keep writing.

ZornNN ,

Romping great Ride!

I wish I was discovering this author after he had already written a large library of books. All of the elements that should be included are present. It's action, adventure, and science. The story reminds the reader of the novel, Jurassic Park. Replace the dinosaurs with something just as equally amazing, set the scene on a small island in the middle of nowhere, and make it winter to boot- that is the story you are reading! If you like science fiction that seems plausible this is your story. Enjoy!

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