Ancient Civilizations of Central and South America: An Enthralling Introduction to the Olmecs, Maya, Toltecs, Aztecs, and Incas

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If you want to discover the enthralling history of ancient civilizations of Central and South America, then keep reading…

Central and South America were full of great civilizations. This book discusses five of the most famous: the Olmecs, Toltecs, Aztecs, Incas, and Maya. These civilizations first showed up in Central and South America over one thousand years ago, and some descendants of these tribes are still living in these regions today!

Each of these civilizations added something to history. In this book, we will look at areas of ancient Mesoamerican and South American life, such as how commoners and kings lived, what their buildings looked like, and what caused the civilizations to come to an end. Each chapter will also include beautiful pictures to help show their artwork, writing, and beautiful architectural feats.

Of course, we know more about some civilizations than others. The Olmecs are almost a complete mystery, the Toltecs are a little less mysterious, the Maya left behind great written records, and the Spanish were able to talk to and write about both the Aztecs and Incas! Because of this, some chapters will focus more on leaders that we have written records about, while some will focus more on architectural ruins and artwork that we don't need writing to appreciate. Either way, each chapter is sure to have something to interest every history fan.

Some of the fascinating things you will learn in this book include the following:
Did the Maya calendar actually predict the end of the world?How did the Olmecs make their giant head sculptures?How did the Toltecs influence other civilizations?Why are some ancient leaders also gods in some Mesoamerican religions?Who was Montezuma II?How did the Spanish conquistadors impact these civilizations?What led to their decline?And much, much more!

June 24
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