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In Book One, A Job From Hell, Amber enters the dangerous world of vampires, demons and other immortal warriors by chance when her brother sets her up with a summer job in Scotland. The attraction to her new boss, Aidan McAllister, is instant, sizzling. But sexy Aidan keeps some deadly secrets. He's a vampire with a dangerous past, and a strong craving for both Amber's blood and her ability of talking with the dead. But can she trust him with her life?

In Book Two, Beelzebub Girl, fallen angel Cassandra wasn't supposed to fall in love with Dallas. Trouble is, she's Lucifer's daughter and Dallas is mortal, an easy target for her enemies who can destroy her by killing the mortal soulmate. But where Cass comes from, losing one's twin flame is a fate worse than death...Will chaos-loving Cassandra find a way to save herself and Dallas from a terrible curse with a revengeful killer wracking havoc in Hell in her quest to get the one thing half the paranormal world desires?

In Book Three, Voodoo Kiss, Sofia Romanov won't stop until she finds out the truth about her sister's mysterious death. On a trip to Brazil, Sofia's powers as a voodoo priestess from a previous life are unleashed. Now someone's after her. Between trying to find out the truth, battling the affections of a striking demon, and bringing someone back from the dead, Sofia's task to save herself from trouble is easier said than done when her past is catching up with her.

In Book Four, Dead And Beyond, Amber Reed is bestowed with the ability to see ghosts…not by choice though. When a friend disappears, the only person Amber can confide in is handsome Shadow warrior, Devon. But can she trust him when his race’s fate depends on finding the one thing Amber’s trying to protect?

In Book Five, Forever And Beyond, an ancient legend tells the story of a mirror that was once shattered into four fragments. Amber Reed is a struggling necromancer on a mission: help vampire Aidan stop the prophecy and protect the innocents from the inevitable fate that will befall them should the wrong faction win. When bodies begin to pile up, Amber realizes she’ll have to be quick before everything she ever loved is taken from her forever…

In Book Six, Shadow Blood, Amber Reed would have called herself an ordinary girl in an ordinary world…until she moves to Scotland and is pushed into a world she never knew existed by the sexy and daring McAllister brothers, unable to withstand its perils. Aidan McAllister, the irresistible leader of the Morganefaire brethren, has what he's always wanted: the girl of his dreams. His love for Amber is getting stronger, but for all his wants and needs, there’s a price to pay. As a mystery draws them deeper into the heart of an intricate organization ruled by shifting allegiances, Amber realizes she’ll have to choose between her one true love and doing the one thing she swore she’d never do: break the rules by taking someone’s life.

BONUS: Rebecca’s Rising

December 4
Aurora Press

Customer Reviews

mebnmobsmom ,

Good book series

Great series and stories however so many grammar and spelling errors.

GsKiel ,

Entire series

It’s a good series. But the books get shorter and shorter. Lots of spelling and grammatical errors. Often with the wrong words used. Having an editor would have done wonders.

I’m also wondering why she’s vanished with no apparent anything for more than 5 years.

The story is unfinished and may never be completed.

Pinklipsphotography ,

Leaves you hanging

I really enjoyed this series. However it leaves you hanging you have no good ending. You have to purchase
another series. The Prophecy of Morganefaire. It's not out yet. A little annoyed you get hooked reading 6 books. You think you would have an ending not a cliff hanger into a new series. 😳

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