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Even as he fights for their future… 

With the world still rebuilding after massive dragon attacks, famous singer Star isn’t willing to rely on a stranger to protect her family—though dragon shifter Lachlan is difficult to resist. Something about him is strangely familiar, but she doesn’t understand why. He’s already helped Star rescue her sister from a recent abduction, but trust doesn’t come easy when his kind has nearly hunted her race to extinction. When her sister’s kidnapper launches another violent attack, Star has no choice but to accept Lachlan’s aid. But no matter that he’s stepped up to protect her, she’ll never allow the ancient Scottish dragon into her heart. 

They’re bound by the past.

Lachlan lost the woman he was meant to mate millennia ago. Unable to live in a world without her, his pain drove him to hibernation. He never thought he would move on—until Star. He’s well aware the feisty shifter is his new destiny, so if tailing her to New Orleans is what he has to do to be near her, then so be it. When Star is attacked, Lachlan resolves to protect her at all costs. And he won’t have to do it alone. It will take Lachlan, his clansmen, and Star’s misfit band of friends to rain fiery vengeance down upon their enemy if she and her sister are to ever be truly free. Only then can he claim her and discover the shocking truth that lies buried in their past.


June 30
KR Press, LLC
Katie Reus

Customer Reviews

ReadingOverTV2 ,

Ancient Protectors by Katie Reus

Ancient Protector by Katie Reus

Paranormal romance with dragon shifters. First in the Ancient Risings series.
A spin off from the Darkness series. Can be read without reading the prior series.
Quasi post-apocalyptic. Reincarnation / fated mate troupe.

Dragons have been outed to the world, as have other paranormals. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain. The transition in power has changed the dynamics in the world. Everything from the dollar to health care to food distribution and housing must be reconfigured.
New Orleans is largely undamaged with alpha werewolf King is coordinating witches, food supplies, housing and security.
Star and band have taken refuge in New Orleans knowing that her sister’s kidnapper will obsessively try to reclaim possession.
Scottish dragon Lachlan follows Star to New Orleans. He will protect her at all costs. She is his mate.

I loved both the hero for his protectiveness and willingness to let the heroine lead. The heroine is a bit naive but trusts her pack to do their jobs.
My only issue was tracking all the secondary characters, especially at the end. Perhaps because additional help in the final battle came from the Darkness series which I haven’t read. In the end it didn’t really matter because of the hea, but like others have said - I hope to read King’s hea soon.

Absorbing, creative and heartening.

I received a copy of this from NetGalley. I also purchased a copy to share.

KindleKat64 ,

Fantastic new series!!

Oh how I love a good shifter series! This is a spin-off from Katie Reus's Darkness series and from the start I am loving it and already totally invested in the characters we are introduced to. This author is so amazing at bringing you into her fantastical worlds and making you want to stay forever. It was great to get some more of the characters we already know from Darkness too though. But this story is about Lachlan and Star. Without giving anything away, I guess you could say they are like star crossed lovers in a way, but for centuries. Lachlan is an Alpha Laird dragon shifter from Scotland and ooo-la-la it is not just the fire he breathes that is smokin' hot! Star is a shifter too, and an alpha in her group of various kinds of shifters, but she is also a very special kind of shifter that doesn't get revealed until close to the end of the book. I really liked that suspense of wondering just what she was. This is an awesome story with plenty of good guys vs. bad guys action and of course the love story. The relationship and love that develops between the sexy dragon and the amazing female he wants to bring home to Scotland is so wonderful. I loved it and can't wait for more!! I hope King's story is on the horizon!!

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Love this world!

I'm so happy that we are back into this world again. This is a spinoff of the Darkness series and I love seeing some of my favorite characters again. Especially the ancient dragon shifters.

Out of all the dragon shifter books I have read, Katie Reus has created my absolute favorite dragons. They are dominant, territorial, and extremely possessive of their mates. Plus, they are so old, they come off a bit quirky in today's world.

Lachlan's intensity right from the very beginning had me sold. Especially since all that intensity was aimed at Star. He proved he would do anything for her. That's exactly what I'm looking for in a hero.

What Star was a mystery for most of the book. I did guess it, but I will admit I doubted my guess a couple of times. That just made it more fun. She was cool character. I don't normally like Alpha females but she was strong without being in your face about it. Plus she had some cool powers.

I loved it and I want more. I'm glad this is the start of a new series. There are so many characters still to explore in this world.

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