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"Ancient Shadows is a very creative mixture between suspense, horror and a little drama. The research, logic and authority the book was written with never leaves the reader in any doubt....From the first page through to the last, Pence shows a confidence in her ability and her story. Readers who like more suspense and action rather than blood and gore will love Ancient Shadows....It's pure quality from start to finish." -- Horror Palace

"A thrill ride cross between Indiana Jones and Michael Crichton. Exciting, evocative and impossible to put down." --Cayocosta72 Book Reviews

One by one, a horror film director, a judge, and a newspaper publisher meet brutal deaths. A link exists between them, and the deaths have only begun ….

Archeologist Michael Rempart finds himself pitted against ancient demons and modern conspirators when a dying priest gives him a powerful artifact--a pearl said to have granted Genghis Khan the power, eight centuries ago, to lead his Mongol warriors across the steppes to the gates of Vienna.

The artifact has set off centuries of war and destruction as it conjures demons to play upon men’s strongest ambitions and cruelest desires. Michael realizes the so-called pearl is a philosopher's stone, the prime agent of alchemy. As much as he would like to ignore the artifact, when he sees horrific deaths and experiences, first-hand, diabolical possession and affliction, he has no choice but to act.

The dark legends are true. To stop the artifact's evil Michael must follow a path along the Old Silk Road to a land that time forgot, and to somehow find a place that may no longer exist in the world as he knows it.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 5
Quail Hill Publishing
Quail Hill Publishing, LLC

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