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How much does the future influence the past? Brynn is about to find out.

In the jungle, there are no barriers …

Brynn Galloway doesn’t know it, but her academic career in archaeology is about to become a laughingstock. When a rare Sumerian artifact surfaces, her presence is requested in Bolivia, but nothing is as it seems. Soon, she’s entangled in a desperate hunt not only for a valuable antiquity but also for answers to humanity that might stretch across time. And by her side is a sexy mercenary physicist with a maddening belief in space aliens.

Dr. Tristan Magee is in a bad mood. When his latest acquisition—an unusual and as yet untranslated Sumerian cuneiform tablet—is stolen right out from under him and spirited away to the Bolivian jungle, he’ll do whatever it takes to get it back. Unfortunately, that includes partnering with a female archaeologist who proves to be the kind of distraction that brought down civilizations.

A combination of Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone, with a dash of The X-Files … get swept away in this romantic suspense adventure.

Ancient Winds is Book 3 in The Pathway Series and completes the Galloway Trilogy. Stay tuned for Cobalt Sea, Book 4, starring Dr. Grace Mann’s sister, Chloe, and her quest to decipher the language of sperm whales. Coming soon.

“Ancient Winds grabbed me early and dragged me through the jungle right along with the characters. …the supernatural element is wonderfully eerie—who’s to say this isn’t possible? As soon as I finished the book I immediately wanted to read it again.” ~ Ann Charles, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Deadwood Humorous Mystery series

“This book has everything: exotic setting, a strong hero and heroine, side characters who hold their own, humor, adventure, a hint of the paranormal, and as a bonus, the reader learns about archaeology and ancient cultures.” ~ Patti Sherry-Crews, author of His Unexpected Companion and Den of Thieves

“… a fantastic journey full of suspense, romance and very interesting theories that are actually real theories! Definitely worth a read!” ~ Rebecca Lyndsey, author/illustrator of Into the Ocean

“This is the third book in Kristy McCaffrey's ‘Pathway’ series … my favorite of the three.” ~ Bob, reader

“Ahh this book is so amazing! … I felt like I was with Brynn and Tristan on their journey through the jungle.” ~ Jill F., reader

“Very original, action-packed plot with wonderful twists and turns woven together with a romantic sub-plot. I rarely give 5 stars, but this one definitely deserved it!” ~ Joystar, reader


Each Pathway novel can be read as a stand-alone, but don’t miss the first two books.

Book 1: Deep Blue (Dr. Grace Mann and Alec Galloway)

Book 2: Cold Horizon (Lindsey Coulson and Tyler Galloway)

Book 3: Ancient Winds (Dr. Tristan Magee and Brynn Galloway)

After reading the novels, enjoy these short stories in The Pathway Short Adventure Series:

Short 1: Deep Blue Australia

Short 2: Deep Blue Réunion Island

Short 3: Deep Blue Cocos Island

Short 4: Cold Horizon Telluride

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February 15
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K. McCaffrey LLC

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