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What is our purpose as humans? To become perfect. Perfection means graduating from the human realm to that of the Adepts or Mahātmas, becoming members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Have you ever wished for a manual on how life works? You have found it. For some, perfection will come within a relatively short time. For others, in the far distant future. The choice is yours.

This edition contains a comprehensive glossary of terms used in this and other books on the Ancient Wisdom, as well as help with the pronunciation of Sanskrit words.

"This book speaks in today's language to seekers of all ages. Whether a seasoned student or a beginner, it opens new doors and fresh vistas on the soul's journey to wisdom. It is indeed a practical guide, at the same time surveying all the principles necessary for understanding the wisdom-tradition we know as Theosophy. This book brings the Ancient Wisdom into the 21st century!"

                   — Joy Mills, author of Reflections on an Ancient Wisdom

September 23
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Customer Reviews

Desertwander62 ,

Be in the NOW

This book has become my favorite go to book to contemplate.
I can pick it up. Flip open to a chapter and check in on how I am interacting and thinking in my life.
The Ancient Wisdoms are the basis of all organized religions, and this book for me has made those teachings far more accessible, as they are so deep and the effort to decipher them is beyond my commitment level.
Karma, reincarnation, evolution, raja yoga, or meditative yoga, the power of NOW, explained for beginners to people who maybe more experienced. I was raised in organized religion and have been searching for something that felt more true and less fear based. This book has given me clarity on a path I've been stumbling down for over 20 years. Is my life better because of it? I think I am reaching clarity of concepts so my efforts can be better concentrated. Attachment, resentments, spirituality, understanding and acceptance are all getting clearer to me each day I practice what is suggested. This book encourages you to question, and discover what can work for you in a non- judgmental, and intriguing way. The first chapters explain the basis and history of the Wisdoms and can be a bit hard to grasp, but the glossary is awesome. Love how through stories and teacher- student dialogue it answers the thoughts running in my head as I was reading it the first time.

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