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Combining 6000 year-old Eastern wisdoms of Ayurvedic medicine, ancient spiritual teachings, natural health secrets, and the latest modern science, you will be reminded of 7 of the most timeless (yet commonly forgotten) secrets of health & happiness. Based on the age-old science of Ayurveda and the world's healthiest & longest-living people, any 25 pages will change your life forever.

You will learn how to;

i) experience the ‘natural high’ state of happiness, vitality and flow ... everyday

ii) understand ‘food intelligence’ to make healthy eating as simple as A, B, C

iii) transform exercise from ‘no pain no gain’ to experiencing 'the zone' or an 'exercise high' every time you exercise

iv) lose (up to 10 - 25kg) weight easily & naturally - as proven by cultures who have remained healthy and slim for thousands of years

v) enjoy sound sleep and delay the ageing process by riding Nature's daily cycles

vi) enliven your ‘inner spirit’ to improve every area of your life

vii) make staying healthy and happy SIMPLE.

“Finally a book written with exactitude and simplicity in its unveiling of much needed longevity and Ayurvedic secrets. As a life long seeker of truth, a 35 year daily practitioner of yoga and meditation, and a 15 year yoga teacher, I will joyfully recommend this book to all my students and my self-improvement peers”.

Richard Esquinas —The American Yogi—official “yogi of record” for The Arnold Classic (Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger).

“..straight-forward advice from science with mindfulness of the east. I love this book”.
Dr Joanna McMillan — Ch 9 (Today Show) Nutritionist & Practising Dietician

“A really terrific book that re-enlivens how simple health and happiness should be”.
Paul Mendlesohn—CEO—The Association for Dental Practice — United Kingdom

“If you want to get to the core of what it takes to be really, really healthy with tons of vitality and positive energy, and achieve this naturally, then read this book from cover to cover”.
Raamon Newman—Partner, Mahafortuna LLC—New Zealand/Los Angeles

“A wonderful book and a fascinating read which I highly recommend"
Denis Walter – Radio 3AW

“Great book! Health & wellness for the mind, body and soul. Not only does it all make sense, it is so simple. I wish I knew all of this years ago!”

Matt Welsh - World champion & world record holding Australian swimmer

“Many Ayurvedic books are very complex and not very user friendly. Mark has unravelled this comprehensive system and made it practical for everyone. Enjoyable, easy to read, and packed full of useful and easy to apply tips”.
Vicki Broome — Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner— South Africa

“Mark Bunn, who has extensively studied ancient scriptures and teachings, reminds us of the age-old wisdom of the Ayurvedic tradition and Ayurvedic masters, for returning to a more peaceful and meaningful life. If you want to achieve a ‘happier’ as well as a ‘healthier’ life, this book will enlighten your path”.

Rajendra Kher — 5 time Award-winning author - India

If you want to remain youthful in mind, body and soul, experience more contentment
and joy in life, and make good health simpler, get this book today.

Written by Mark Bunn - former professional athlete (AFL Football) - trained in Western health science, Eastern health-care (Maharishi Ayurveda), and regular media contributor.

* First of a three (3) book series.

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February 19
Mark Bunn
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