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"And Then I Cried: Stories of a Mortuary NCO" is the first work from Justin Jordan. Jordan details life as an Air Force Mortuary Non Commissioned Officer.  In his stunning debut Jordan forces the reader to walk beside him on his journey in this gruesome world. Jordan holds nothing back, and shares in graphic detail how he honored Americas heroes, both at deployed locations and stateside. This book will pry your eyes wide open as you gasp from the sheer horror he faced daily, from dealing with the families of the fallen, to witnessing the embalming and preparations of the deceased. Jordan also shares how this job taxed his mental well being, as he suffered in silence, longing not to care. Jordan is still serving on Active Duty and suffers from the crippling effects of PTSD, his story will enlighten you, it will touch you, and yes, you will cry.

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July 13
Tactical 16, LLC
Tactical 16, LLC

Customer Reviews

ZackOJones ,

I cried with you, Justin

I, too, am an Air Force vet and this story really got to me. During my time in the Air Force I served on the base Honor Guard and presented many a flag to the next of kin. This book tells the story and the toll it takes on those that prepare the body so that we can lay the fallen hero to rest. Justin, if you ever read this, and I hope someday you do, know that I'm with you in spirit and will gladly take some of the load off of your shoulders. May you, and all of the brave men and women that served and now suffer from PTSD, continue to recover and one day live a "normal" life. I salute you and all other vets, past, present and future. Thank you for sharing your story.

Tigger38313 ,

First I cried.

I started reading and found myself captured. I sat there reading this story and I wanted to jump up and grab Justin and give a huge hug and tell him it'll be ok.
The emotions overwhelmed me. My fear stepped in and I couldn't take the pain anymore but I couldn't walk away. I was bound like Justin to giving no showing respect to our fallen hero's. I found myself so in grossed in this book that I felt the pain he went thru.

With that being said. I'm ready to start over and read it again. I want to dive back into his world. Not because it made me cry but because it taught me something. Justin taught me that even tho you don't want to that you have to. We have a duty. A duty to be there for each other in the darkest moments of our lives. That even at our worst we can shine and over come all obstacles. That we can handle the heaviest burden and continue living.

At one point he spoke of family taking full control of the funeral service as a way to cope. I did this just a few months ago with my mother. Reading this has helped me to see that even with my loss I will be ok. That holding my head up and taking life straight on is honorable and right.

Girl next door - Heather ,

Could not put it down

Once I started reading, did not want to put it down. I thought very interesting reading about military life and your experiences. I hate the fact that you had to deal with those experiences but proud of you for the great work that you did for those families and for Americans in general. I hope that writing this book and Sharing these experiences have helped you. Thanks for sharing. Great book! Wish you and your family the best.

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