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They’ve no idea how dangerous she is. But they’ll learn. The hard way.

    “Fabulous story arcs, pulse-pounding action, an amazing female vigilante, exciting travelogues... All come together in this series.” N. Gillet 

A rogue assassin prowls the city’s shadows, preying on killers, pimps, gangbangers, rapists… the monsters that ruin lives. Haunted by a tragic past, she’ll risk everything to protect the innocent and avenge the dead. She is Tess Williams: Judge, Jury, Executioner.


"This series just keeps getting better. The action seldom slows down enough to catch your breath." 5 stars, Sheryl Painter

An old man is gunned down and the killers stroll away laughing. 

Hell-bent on revenge, Tess rampages across NYC to nail the shooters. But while she's distracted by nightmares from her past, brutal gangbangers snatch their chance to make her bleed. 

Battling inner demons and gun-toting psychos, can she bury the killers before they bury her?

Do you love the white knuckle action of Lee Child, Stieg Larsson, Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, James Patterson…? Then this series was written just for you!


    “Love this series! My only issue is that I read them too quickly because I don't want to put it down!” JM Crawford 

A psycho is hacking up kids, so Tess launches a breakneck investigation by teaming up with the most unlikely of allies.

Tess storms through the city, but every lead she follows slams her into another dead end. And then the stakes get even higher – the killer snatches a little girl.

Risking everything, Tess races to rescue the child before the killer butchers her. But reckless actions can have dire consequences. What price will Tess have to pay?


    “Another cracking instalment of the series. It just gets better and better.” P. Flanders

When Tess was a little girl, a stranger ripped her world apart and ruined her life. Today, she finally gets a lead on him.

Unfortunately, that stranger is now a feared crime boss, guarded by brutal mobsters, hired thugs, and ruthless assassins. Outnumbered and outgunned, Tess knows this will be the job that ends her, but she doesn’t care as long as she nails her target first. But how can she do that alone?

The answer comes from someone she knows. Someone she fears. Someone she can’t trust.


    “I love Tess, she is such a strong character and yet vulnerable, too. Her sense of honour is magnificent.” Julie Elizabeth Powell

Discover where Tess’s story begins…

When a family is attacked by a vicious gang, Tess creates carnage on Shanghai’s streets. But when she thinks it’s all over, she discovers the longest day of her life has only just begun – she’s thrust into a face-off with the elite of China’s underworld.

Trapped in a deadly game, where deceit is as lethal as the bullets tearing at her, Tess must take one enormous gamble. If she loses, everyone dies; if she wins, only she does.


You can get Black Files 5, 6, 7, and 8 through this book as my gift (see the Table of Contents for details).

WARNING – Miss Marple it ain’t!

Angel of Darkness action-packed thrillers are NOT cozy mysteries, but noir and hardboiled violent crime fiction, so expect occasional strong language, violence, and scenes of a sexual nature. It is novella-length fiction.

If you love female assassins, love action-packed mystery and suspense, love a dark hero battling overwhelming odds in the name of true justice, you MUST READ this series!

    “The action really never stops.” Sheryl Painter

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