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Killing is one hell of a way to make a living.

    "Check out this series it's awesome. If you like the Jack Reacher books this is for you." Bryan K Roschi 

A rogue assassin, Tess Williams prowls the city’s shadows, preying on killers, pimps, gangbangers, rapists… the monsters that ruin lives. Haunted by a tragic past, she’ll risk everything to protect the innocent and avenge the dead.

Today, a crazed sniper is slaughtering Manhattan’s residents in the name of God, cutting them down in the streets to leave the sidewalks drenched in blood.

Tess is hell-bent on stopping this killer at any cost so carves a swathe of carnage through the city to track him down. This high-octane hunt takes her from the sleazy world of the Aryan Brotherhood to the deadly arena of international arms smuggling.

But every lead slams her into a dead end.

The killer hides a dark secret that enables him to kill without getting caught. Tess’s only hope of nailing him lies in solving this sinister mystery. Except the sniper kills to a schedule and is already lining up his next target.

With the clock ticking, if Tess can’t take out this killer now, he’ll blast another victim. Can she stop him in time?

“Wow what a book! Fantastic read! I highly recommend!” Alan Thomas Langridge

 “A good fast-paced read with a fabulous female lead.” Julie Elizabeth Powell

 “Incredible Thriller! This book grabs you by the collar and drags you into a fast paced, exciting world.” Kelly Watley

“I loved this book. It had great characters, a good story line that kept me glued to the book until the last page, and an exciting ending.” Dona Smith

If you love a troubled hero with a dark past, love a lone warrior who'll risk everything to protect the innocent and avenge the dead, you MUST READ this series! 


You can get Angel of Darkness Black File 02 through this book as my gift (see the Table of Contents for details). 


Yes, you can read this book as a standalone.

Small sub-plots run through the series to make it more fun, but each book is a thrilling read in its own right, so you can read them out of order if you want to.

WARNING – Miss Marple it ain’t! 

Angel of Darkness action-packed thrillers are NOT cozy mysteries, but noir and hardboiled violent crime fiction, so expect occasional strong language, violence, and scenes of a sexual nature. It is novella-length fiction. 

“Yet another fast paced book from Steve - couldn't put this one down - it was an excellent read.” 5 stars, Karen Bryan 

If you love female assassins, love action-packed mystery and suspense, love a dark hero battling overwhelming odds in the name of true justice, you MUST READ this series! 

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October 14
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Customer Reviews

MrsDuck719 ,

Great action thriller

Another heart pounding adventure with Tess! When I read the first book in the series (Kill Switch) it was out of my genre, but because of that book this series is definitely in my genre now! Not for the faint hearted but full of action and smarts. You kinda get a look at what it takes to be kick a**! The details on focus, healing, training are almost educational! Great book! I also think I see the beginning of details in Tess’s past aching to be revealed so we can “know” her better. She is not your average young lady. So emotional involvement with protagonist is commencing.

MakenItEasy ,

Angel of Darkness by Steve N Lee

GREAT READ!! Main character Tess, takes the reader many places and as the reader follows her there, comes face to face with The Angel of Darkness and you’ve never been where THAT IS, so get ready for a thrilling journey. Steve N Lee delivers a journey you won’t forget anytime too soon! I HIGHLY recommend this second book in his series!!! SO worth the read.

Sifi troll ,

Angle of darkness

Tess has turned into a friend of a friend can not wait to read next adventure

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