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***Enjoy only the special edition extras … across seven best-selling novels … and all within the popular ANGELBOUND and BEHOLDER series!***

This action-packed collection delivers more than 58,000 words of all-new content. The full and original books are available for purchase separately--get the special edition goodies here! Perfect for power readers, this collection includes:

- Angelbound - a wedding epilogue with one crazy parade

- Scala - an extended epilogue with Myla, Lincoln, Cissy and Zeke

- Armageddon - an extra appendix of behind-the-scenes goodies

- Maxon - an action-packed wedding epilogue

- Portia - the honeymoon novella you've been waiting for!

- Beholder Cursed And Concealed - each now has extra appendix of goodies

Get JUST this new content in one convenient collection, or buy the special edition titles a la carte. Whatever works best for you!

Collected Works - Christina Bauer

Angelbound Origins

In which Myla Lewis kicks ass and takes names. Nuff said.

1. Angelbound

2. Scala 

3. Acca 

4. Thrax 

5. The Dark Lands 

6. The Brutal Time (Fall 2019)

7. Armageddon (already here, long story!) 

8. Quasi Redux (Fall 2020) 

Angelbound Offspring

The next generation takes on Heaven, Hell, and everything in between

1. Maxon 

2. Portia

3. Zinnia (Summer 2019)

4. Rhodes (Dec 2019)

5. Kaps (Summer 2020)

6. Huntress (Summer 2021) 

Angelbound Lincoln

Angelbound Origins as told by Prince Lincoln

1. Duty Bound

2. Lincoln

3. Trickster

Also From Christina Bauer

- Fairy Tales of the Magicorum, a series of modern fairy tales with sass, action, and romance

- Beholder, where a medieval farm girl discovers necromancy and true love

- Pixieland Diaries, with a sassy pixie and her grumpy elf prince 

- Dimension Drift, a dystopian adventure with science, snark, and hot aliens

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Young Adult
September 24
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