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What does it mean to become angry? It is like setting fire to oneself and then setting others on fire. Once this match is struck, he burns in the flames and then destroys the other person also. So if getting angry were under one's control, one would not get angry. Who likes to burn? If someone tells me that anger is necessary in this world, I would tell him there is never a reason for anger. Anger is a weakness and that is why it happens spontaneously. God has called it a weakness. God has said that a real man is the one who has no weakness of ego, anger, greed or deceit at all. These men that you see around you, are weaklings, because they have no control over their anger and they do not know how to deal with it. Anger, ego, deceit and greed are all blatant weaknesses. Can you not feel your body tremble when you get angry?

These are words of Gnani Purush Dadashri. Gnani or Jnani is the One who has known, is in the experience of, the eternal Self. Purush means the Self. Akram Vignan means means that which is attained without doing anything, and the science behind this. A gentleman by the name of Ambalal M. Patel became a Gnani Purush in June 1958. This happened spontaneously within him. The absolute light of the Self prevailed in him from that time. In that state of the absolute Self, he became the instrument for the salvation of the world. The words that came out through his medium, have become words that are now liberating hundreds of thousands of human beings who were seeking meaningful solutions for their pains. These satsang sessions of the Gnani Purush happened in Gujarati and were carefully preserved and are presented as they are, in many different languages. They are all in the form of questions and answers from Gnani Purush Dadashri.

Anger is a weakness but people think of it as strength. The person who does not display anger has more inner strength than the one who displays it.

A person usually becomes angry when things do not go his way, or when the other person does not understand him or when there is a difference in their viewpoints. Many a time we become angry when we are accused of being wrong when we think we are right. We think that we are right because of our perception. According to the other person, he thinks that he is right. Often, it is because we have no idea of what to do next, we have no foresight or intuition, that we become angry.

We should maintain awareness whenever and wherever we experience anger. When someone is hurt by our anger, we should repent and ask for their forgiveness and resolve never to get angry again. We must do this because we hurt the other person with our anger and consequently that person will harbor a grudge and bind vengeance against us, so that in our next life we will have to suffer the consequences.

Dadashri says that to bear an insult is a sign of great strength. If someone were to swear at me right now, I would not have a single negative thought towards him. That is strength. All the quibbling and quarrelling, is weakness. To bear an insult calmly is a great strength. When you overcome an insult just once in this manner, if you cross just one step in this way, then you will get the strength to cross a hundred such steps. Do you understand? If the opponent is strong then the other party will become weak, this is a natural tendency in everyone. But when a weak person harasses you and you do not do anything in response, it is considered a great strength.

In this book of Anger of Gnani Purush Dadashri you will find deep insights about anger; one of the greatest enemies of mankind. You will also find a clear way to become free from anger. This book is a precious gift. Please share it with others.

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February 12
Shuddha Anami
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