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What if you could live an entire day at PEACE. How about a week? A month? Can you even imagine it? 

According to the famous Mayo Clinic, "some signs that you need help controlling your anger include:

* Often feeling that you have to hold in your anger

* Frequent arguments with your partner, children or co-workers that escalate frustrations

* Trouble with the law

* Physical violence, such as hitting your partner or children or starting fights

*Threats of violence against people or property

*Out-of-control behavior, such as breaking things or driving recklessly."

Anger is a negative, destructive, debilitating, wasted emotion.  It can lead to divorce, unemployment, alienation from children and family, and loneliness.  

With more stress triggers in today’s busy world, and people’s patience spreading thinner, it’s important to learn how to control anger rather than allowing it to control the individual.  

Even the nicest of people can fall victim to anger.  But what matters is how you cope with and diffuse the situation when you feel your blood pressure rising.

By using logic, perspective and empathy, anyone can defeat anger.  Once you are able to do that your family, work and social life will be more harmonious.  You will feel at peace with yourself and the people around you.

Health, Mind & Body
July 30
Laurenzana Press
Casa Di Fanelli LLC

Customer Reviews

Luvdahlia ,

Good read

The guide was informative and helpful. It was non blaming or shaming. It gave hope.

KekeCay ,

Amazing book.

Great book. Has allowed me to realize how much I redirected anger.

Jujuh <3 ,

Best book ever

It really helpful and has a lot tips for when your feeling anger and need to calm down.

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