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The Fall 2016 issue features essays, poetry, and book reviews by a wide variety of authors focusing on diverse topics of concern in the church and world today. The Articles section opens with an essay by Awet Iassu Andemicael on the distribution of resources in God’s economy based on Paul’s appeal in 2 Corinthians for aid to the Christians in Jerusalem. Eugene Schlesinger then explores the question of what it means to live graciously in the midst of the deep divisions we face in the church today, drawing insight from Augustine’s theology of the totus Christus. Matthew Olver follows with a critical evaluation of the trinitarian theology informing the liturgies of Enriching Our Worship 1, which he finds lacks an adequate affirmation of the Trinity as a relation of persons in the Triune God. Bryan Cones offers a different perspective, encouraging the Episcopal Church to move forward in thoroughgoing liturgical reforms that strengthen the connection between liturgy and mission through expansive language.

Kit Carlson and June Osborne offer the two Practicing Theology essays in the Fall 2016 issue. Carlson describes her work in a parish where “sacred conversations” are helping Episcopalians to develop an “owned” faith, rather than remaining seekers on the margins. Osborne provides the third in our series on cathedrals, this time from the perspective of Salisbury Cathedral in England, where cathedrals are a “visible symbol of confident Christianity” and provide a space for an integration of sacred and secular celebrations. The review essay in this issue is by Rebecca Copeland, surveying new publications on a Christian ethic of ecology.

As always, the ATR includes poetry and book reviews of the latest noteworthy books in the fields of theology and ethics, pastoral theology, historical theology, biblical studies, religion and culture, interreligious studies, poetry, and liturgics.

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October 25
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