Anglican Theological Review — Winter 2015 Anglican Theological Review — Winter 2015

Anglican Theological Review — Winter 2015

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About the ATR

The Anglican Theological Review is a quarterly journal of theological reflection within the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada. In the spirit of sound learning that has been a hallmark of Anglicanism worldwide, its aim is to foster scholarly excellence and thoughtful conversation in and for the church. The journal is committed to creative intellectual engagement with Christian tradition and interdisciplinary inquiry that includes literature and the arts, philosophy, and science.

Description of the Winter 2015 Issue

The Winter 2015 issue of the ATR opens with two addresses by Carolyn J. Sharp on the challenge of wrestling faithfully with the “difficult texts” of scripture. Using C. S. Lewis as his guide, Travis Dumsday then explores the philosophical arguments used by contemporary atheists to dispute the existence of God. Daniel Marrs continues this exploration of divine presence in his essay on Thomas Cranmer’s understanding of the presence of Christ in the eucharist. In her essay, Carol H. Poston examines Evelyn Underhill’s relationship with Mary as bearer of the Word but also as guide, mentor, and exemplar for all who seek to mediate the presence of Christ in their daily lives. Finally, in his Practicing Theology essay Simon James Mainwaring offers fresh perspectives on theological education today, and the Review Article by John T. Harwood considers the work of theologian Sallie McFague and her decades of reflection on God’s creation. As always, this issue also includes poetry and book reviews.

Author Bios

Travis Dumsday is an assistant professor in the department of philosophy and religious studies at Concordia University College of Alberta, and a member of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. He received his doctorate in philosophy at the University of Calgary in 2010, and works chiefly in analytic philosophy of science, natural theology, and the Scholastic tradition (medieval and contemporary).

John T. Harwood is an Episcopal priest who serves Trinity Episcopal Church and Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Renovo, Pennsylvania. He is also an administrator and faculty member at Penn State University.

Simon James Mainwaring is Dean of Studies of the School for Ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, California, and Rector of St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, San Diego.

Daniel Marrs is a teaching fellow and Ph.D. candidate at Baylor University, where he is studying theology and ethics, and writing on Søren Kierkegaard’s theological anthropology.

Carol H. Poston is Professor Emerita of English, Saint Xavier University, Chicago. She is the author and editor of several books, including Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and Letters Written during a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and DenmarkReclaiming Our Lives: Hope for Adult Survivors of Incest; and The Making of a Mystic: New and Selected Letters of Evelyn Underhill.

Carolyn J. Sharp is Professor of Hebrew Scriptures at Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Connecticut. She is the author and editor of a number of books, including Irony and Meaning in the Hebrew Bible, Old Testament Prophets for Today, Wrestling the Word: The Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Believer, Prophecy and Power: Jeremiah in Feminist and Postcolonial Perspective, Living Countertestimony: Conversations with Walter Brueggemann; Disruptive Grace: Reflections on God, Scripture, and the Church; and Jeremiah Invented.

Richard Geoffrey Leggett (Editor in Chief) is Rector of Saint Faith’s Anglican Parish in Vancouver and Professor Emeritus of Liturgical Studies at Vancouver School of Theology. He is the Principal Consultant for Liturgy Pacific, a worship consultancy for congregations, and a member of the Liturgy Task Force of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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