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<p>Animalistic Desires is a ten-part paranormal erotica collection from author Trinity Styller. Draven has a stressful job as the head of a special operations team. Bailey, his girlfriend, tries to be as supportive as she can, even though she knows little about his work. He reveals that he is a shapeshifter. Bailey is shocked, but pledges her love to Draven and he begins to transform her like himself. Bailey&rsquo;s change is marked by insatiable sexual feelings, and Draven does his best to fulfill all her needs. Draven must protect Bailey from Alverez, a powerful enemy who seeks to mate with Bailey. Can the couple overcome these odds and live a happy life?

The First Mission
Bailey&rsquo;s boyfriend Draven is a bit of a mystery. He works as the head of a special operations team, but she doesn&rsquo;t know much about the missions he is sent on. And she doesn&rsquo;t really mind, she just wants to make sure that when he gets home, she&rsquo;s waiting for him. But things feel different with Draven this time.

Show Me How Bad You Want It
In a night of passion, Draven has revealed his true nature to Bailey. Although she was confused at first, she was never frightened by his ability to shape shift into a powerful, muscular jaguar. They exchanged vows of love, and she swore to stay with him forever. In return, Draven has begun the process to make her like himself.

The Mating Begins
Bailey is being drawn further and further into Draven&rsquo;s world. As Bailey&rsquo;s transformation continues, Draven worries that her powerful pheromones may draw enemies to his door. Meanwhile, Bailey enters the next phase of her transformation &ndash; a phase marked by insatiable sexual desires.

Hidden Desire Inside
As Bailey&rsquo;s transformation progresses, her sexual appetites become insatiable and aggressive. Draven tries to walk a thin line between being rough enough to please her, and causing her physical harm. Then Lenex brings him bad news &ndash; Alverez has escaped.

A New Beginning
Bailey is approaching the final stage of her transformation, and Draven is a bit on edge. When Alverez&rsquo;s men attack his mansion and attempt to mate with Bailey, Draven and his men fight tooth and nail to defend her. Bailey&rsquo;s transformation is nearly complete.

A Unique Gift
Bailey&rsquo;s unusual transformation has Draven worried. He has never seen a Trigarian like her before, and he is concerned that something might be wrong with her. One of his men has suggested consulting the elders about it.

All Tied Up
Bailey and Draven just can&rsquo;t get enough of each other. Their bond strengthens every day, and Bailey sometimes struggles to get used to her new powers. As her insatiable sexual appetite flares up again, Draven gets an idea to try something new.

Your Secret Is Safe With Me
The last couple of days have been exhausting for Bailey. Something just feels wrong, and all she can figure out is that she feels off-balance. Draven becomes even more concerned, and calls in his men. It&rsquo;s time to visit the elders.

Surprises Revealed
They&rsquo;ve been away from his team for a while though, and he needs to check in. Hidden in the hut of an oasis that no one else knows about, he believes she&rsquo;ll be safe. Then her scream breaks through the night, and Draven knows he&rsquo;s made a terrible mistake.

Gypsy&rsquo;s Gift
Bailey&rsquo;s desires are still growing, and only Draven can put out the fire within her. When they finally reach the elders, they meet with Kelden, hoping for an end to the mystery of Bailey&rsquo;s unusual transformation. </p>

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April 21

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