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Highly Interactive eBook!  Interactivity in this book helps support learning in a variety of engaging ways. This is not a read along enhanced audio book - it is much more!

In this inventive nature book you will find fascinating photos by professional photographers on every page. Each photo shows an animal in action and its corresponding "action verb."  

This book features action verbs that start with the letter "C."  Verbs are an important part of every sentence. Action verbs talk about what the subject is doing in the sentence. We hope beginning readers will enjoy the animals in action and at the same time learn to recognize action verbs.

Interactive Features:

Gently tap on your screen to review book controls. Tap the page edge to turn the page.

Press any word to select it and then release to reveal: copy, define and search functions.

Zoom in to see the photos in incredible detail.

Press the "i" button to see additional photos.

Press the "speaker" button for sound. Press again to turn it off.


We strive to make our books unique and design them from the ground up. The Galloping Turtle Books are created by educators and illustrated with photos from professional photographers. Our books are not just photocopies of previously published books. And our books are not designed from mass produced book themes or generic interactive tools.

Galloping Turtle's photographer, Dwight Kuhn, has published 167 children's book [including print editions] on nature and biology subjects. Many of his books have been award winning titles.  Kuhn was one of ten photographers featured in the book: Wildlife Photography - The Art and Technique of Ten Masters

35 pages 

30 photos

June 26
Galloping Turtle Books
Dwight R. Kuhn
Grades P-2

Customer Reviews

Good Apple abc 123 ,

Through Kids' Eyes

As an Elementary Classroom Teacher, I have invited several young readers to assist me in reviewing this book. Each student selected their favorite "animal in action."

M. H. - chose the "Chipmunk collecting" because she liked seeing it in the forest.
W. - selected the "Chameleon crossing" because it was crossing to a new tree!
K. D. - picked the "Kittens cuddling" because she loves kittens!
K. K. - also chose the "Kittens cuddling" because kittens are cute.
J. - also liked the "Kittens cuddling" because the babies were snuggling with their mother.
N. - selected the "Jaguar crouching" because it was looking for another animal to eat.
A. - also picked the "Jaguar crouching" because it looked like it was hunting.
M. - chose the "Lion clawing" because they looked like they were getting ready to fight.

All of the students were eager to see each of the animals in nature. They had fun decoding the "-ing" words as they discovered what the animals were doing in the amazing closeup photographs. Everyone loved using the "buttons" that allowed them to hear the awesome animal sounds and to select additional photos. This is a perfect book for young readers as they learn about animals in their natural habitats.

Lindscr ,

Superb Read!

This book was very enjoyable and a pleasure to read. The photographs were nice and large, and the text was simple without being a distraction to the photos. The interactivity was smooth and flawless. Readers will have a great time navigating this beautifully created book.

Jubaweni ,



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