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This Is English Version.

This is the multi-touch book version of the first book of the key frames collection, EVANGELION:3.0 You Can (Not) Redo., using E-SAKUGA technology that was created with the greatest care and love for animation otherwise unforeseen in the world.

Please take this opportunity to interact with the beautiful drawings, delicate lines, and dynamic motions that make EVANGELION:3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.

You can set the key frames in motion that create the world of Evangelion at your own will.

The complete animation is also provided as a reference.

Many beautiful drawings of the characters are also shown.

The "layout" and "time sheets" that are necessary in producing animation are also provided. You can explore how movements in Japanese anime is created.

In Japanese animation, after the key animator draws, the animation director who is the chief revises the characters' drawings to adjust the styles and fixes the errors in movements to create the complete version.

Some of the best animators in Japan are involved in the production of EVANGELION:3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. Their drawings ar already great, but the talented animation directors further improve upon the details. Please also check out how such improvements are made.

- About E-SAKUGA-

Multi-Touch book “E-SAKUGA” is a collection of key frames from Japanese anime. This tool was created to enjoy the artwork of animators directly and show stunning drawings, beauty of the lines, and interesting movements up close.

Use our original ”Tapmation”  Feature to interact with the mysterious essence that makes the “moving pictures” in Japanese anime.

You can enjoy anime on many different levels through appreciation of the animator’s conceptualization and techniques of creating movement. We hope to do our best to create more and more “SAKUGA fans” in the world and help convey the beauty in Japanese animation.

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May 8
Onebilling Inc.
Onebilling Inc.

Customer Reviews

Luckiesq ,

The best e book

Im studying animation at university. I love this book because I love to draw animation and I'm a Evangelion Fan
Please make the book more than this

Reanimator999 ,

Best animation flip book

As a fan of Anime who have been buying dozens of books called "key animation collection" in print, this interactive book is really great way to enjoy raw pencil animations of talented Japanese animators.

I already have a print version of this ibook which is called "Evangelion 3.0 Groundworks". Compared to the print version, i-book's picture quality is many times better and it can play several raw pencil animation sequences which is impossible with print version.

For anyone who studies animation or just intersted in anime/animation art, this i-book is a must have.

OR Dave ,

A peek into the mind of the artists

For those with even a passing interest in anime and the technical aspects of creating it, this is a treasure trove of art and insight.

Artistically, there is a huge variety of scenes, characters and types of work. The art is simply incredible. In an age that seems to be drowning in mass-produced consumer-driven junk, this collection shows that there is still an enclave of craftsmen making art in this format.

Technically, the look at what it takes to put something like this together is impressive. I am no anime expert, and even I found the technical aspects of this fascinating. I'm sure that for real anime enthusiasts, this book is a must-have.

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