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This is a keyframes collection of the animated feature Okko’s Inn (2018) based on the children’s literature series Okko’s Inn (Kodansha Aoitori Bunko) by Hiroko Reijo and Asami (illustrations).

The director/storyboard artist is Kitaro Kosaka, an excellent animator who supported numerous Ghibli films as one of the main staff.

Former Studio Ghibli staff including animation director Shunsuke Hirota and other veteran key artists that supported countless works were involved in the film. In addition, director Kosaka himself worked on a significant amount of the animating portion adding much appeal in that regard. You can flip through such keyframes and see them in motion.

Currently, we have Parts A and B out of Parts A to D. And Miyo makes an appearance in the B Part! We have a bunch of action cuts with the carp banner (鯉のぼり: carp-shaped windsocks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no sekku (端午の節句) or Boy’s Day , a traditional calendrical event which is now designated a national holiday: Children's Day). We also have many cuts consisting of three parts: “keyframes,” “keyframes + revised keyframes,” and “reorganized version to approximate the final film.” This allows the readers to experience the steps in how a film is completed.


Anime keyframes collection E-SAKUGA is the world’s only eBook that allows readers to make keyframes move while boasting many other multimedia features made possible by using Apple Books to its fullest. With tons of multimedia features, you can enjoy: the keyframes drawn by animators in a flipbook format; completed version of the cuts; timing sheets (X-sheet); and layouts all in one place. The amount of keyframes included is over 100 times what you can find in a regular printed keyframes collection.

This is the ultimate anime keyframes collection where you can see everything involved in the anime production archived.


★E-SAKUGA will be updated to include more keyframes★

Currently, we have Parts A and B out of Parts A to D. Users who already purchased the book can update it for free and receive all the keyframes up to the D Part.

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November 6
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