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Anna’s return to her hometown with Elliot, a husband she hates is miserable. His dying mother doesn’t even want her around. Left on her own, Anna and Kat, Elliot’s sister, discover there are plenty of hot guys and opportunities for wild and crazy sex that Anna never knew of back then. A brighter future for Anna might just lie in a b*****b she gave a biker years ago--one he never forgot

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

I let out a loud sigh as we pulled into Byronsville, population 6,5. It’s a little backwater of a town and the further we drove into it the more nauseous I felt. I’d never intended to return and this was exactly the way I’d always imagined it would feel to come back.

“That doesn’t help, Anna,” Elliot said.

My husband, Elliot and I had grown up here and I couldn’t remember a time when my primary goal hadn’t been just to get out. Coming back made me realize even more how much I’d hated the place, still hated the sight of it.

I’d married Elliot to get out of this place—a mistake—and now I was back.

I was in a s****y mood.

Elliot pulled up in front of the hospital and we walked in, heading to the desk. “Mrs. Ingersoll?” he asked. A uniformed woman gave him a scowl. “I’m her son,” he said.

“Room 456,” she said, and off we went.

“Elliot,” a man called as we got off the elevator.

I turned to see Chris Stephens, an old school chum of Elliot’s. “Hey, Chris,” Elliot said sounding cheerful. What the hell are you doing here?”

“I came to see your mom.” He chuckled. “She threw me out of the room."

"And you are surprised?" Elliot asked.

He shrugged. "Hell, I knew she didn’t like me, but that thing about the car happened a lot of years ago.”

“She holds a grudge.”

I winced. Unfortunately, her real grudge against Chris was that he was smarter than her son. Elliot was the football star but never would’ve graduated without Chris’s help. She’d hated him for that. Now that he was successful and Elliot wasn’t, she’d probably moved her grudge right up to hatred. Elliot turned to me and frowned. I knew the look. His mother didn’t like me either. “You better wait here until I see how things are going.”

“Charlene’s in there,” Chris said.

“Then you definitely need to wait out here,” Elliot said. Then he turned and went in the room.

Charlene had been Elliot’s first sweetheart. He never told me what happened but one day he dumped her. He was the star football player and had a scholarship to a university in the city. When he asked me out, I jumped at the chance. He was good looking and popular and there weren’t a lot of guys that showed promise. On our first date, he drove me out to a kegger. We hung out for a while and then went into the woods and made out, sitting under a tree.

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November 27
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