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“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Thus begins what many consider the world’s greatest novel. Leo Tolstoy originally published this sweeping saga in serial form beginning in 1875, portraying a vast swath of Russian life, from the fields worked by starving peasant farmers to the sitting rooms (and bedrooms) of privileged aristocrats.

Despite its epic nature, Anna Karenina is an intricate, intimate study of one woman’s downward spiral into tragedy. As Anna’s husband becomes increasingly absorbed in philosophical and political introspection, Tolstoy’s heroine grows weary of her life as a mother and wealthy man’s wife. Increasingly unsettled by the stark class differences she observes, Anna finds passion again in a forbidden affair with Count Vronsky. But can she overcome her obsessive concern with societal norms to find a measure of happiness?

Passion. Betrayal. Love. Revenge. Tolstoy’s classic has it all.

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December 30
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Customer Reviews

Appliophile ,

Faulkners favorite

When William Faulkner was asked his advice to young writers, he said simply "Read Anna Karenina".

kwhatcott ,

I love it!

This is my favorite book. The story isn't full of action, it is full of substance. It teaches that choices have consequences that affect others, even if we intend otherwise; that good is good and evil is evil. It is a story of love and redemption; of faith and forgiveness, especially of one's self.

Bonzo704 ,

Good but long

It's not the most exciting book in the world but it kept me interested even though I didn't have to read it for English class. It's one of those books that you can say, "Yeah it was good, but I don't think I will ever want to read it again." I must say that it was a little depressing so don't think that this will be a book with a happy ending.

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