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     Annie McCauley hears a voice in her bedroom and it’s not her lover, Luther Grolsch. A disembodied voice is giving her cryptic messages and just in time, because Annie can use all the help she can get finding Izzie Brown, a missing woman.

     Whether at the race track or a church picnic the small town girl from Mesa View, Texas is doing her best to solve mysteries. What happened to Izzie Brown? Why is Luther’s mama, Ida Grolsch sneaking out at night, and why is Mama lying to Daddy about where she is on her evenings out?

Annie came to New York City to be a high fashion model, but her arch rival Brittany, who grew up in the same trailer park, followed her and has been sabotaging her ever since. Annie must work part time for the Grolsch Agency, motto “discreet,” to pay her rent. They deliver packages and sometimes people while also, “looking into things,” for people, as Ida puts it. Annie thinks that the word operative sums up her job nicely.

     Luther is a former Special Forces dude who sometimes skirts the law. Uncle Willy is his uncle and he usually skirts the law. Brittany’s new boyfriend, a Frenchman named Guy, likes to win bets and seems to have Luther over a barrel.

     Uncle Willy hatches a Wodehousian plot to win the Frenchman’s money and put his overbearing sister Margaretha in her place as well as getting the trust money from her tightly clenched fist so niece Kitty can go to college in Switzerland. But thanks to conniving, scheming Brittany, there’s dirty work afoot and it seems that all is lost. Meanwhile Margaretha, Luther and Martin Grolsch’s grootmoeder from hell, is counting the stroopwafel and giving orders to all within earshot.

     Can love possibly flower in such a tough environment? Maybe so, because that just may be wedding bells we hear in the distance, but for whom do those bells toll?

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 23
Willee Amsden
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

TexasMan39 ,

Couldn't stop until I finished it

Another book with lots of laughs and twists!
And for an OCD person like me there were NO grammar errors in all of the first five books and only two in the very last chapter in book six. Maybe the proof readers just got to tired and missed them. Their fault not the fault of the author.
And I'll wager not one person will notice the errors! Unless they are OCD like me😄

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