Annoyed At First Sight Annoyed At First Sight
Gator Bait MC Book 4 - Gator Bait MC

Annoyed At First Sight

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Publisher Description

The first time Cassius Ulysses Costas met Alice Paradis, she was in a string bikini and filling up a long line of boats that were there just to see her. She was eighteen and every man’s wet dream.

Even his.

For the longest time, he went out of his way to stay as far away from her as he could get without actually taking his eyes off of her. For years, he was the better person. He played his hand close, and not a single person would know just how obsessed he was with her.

Then he goes to prison and comes out a man that couldn’t care less about anyone or anything, least of all what someone thought of him and his actions. But not one second while he was behind bars did he forget about Alice.

He tries to stay away. For a few long months, he fights his every instinct to make her his. But, as if the universe is conspiring against him, Alice is thrown into his path time after time, instance after instance.

And his resolve is waning. Fast.

In one last ditch effort to stay away, he walks away, hoping making her mad enough will force her to do the work for him.

However, when Alice is attacked, it isn’t Cassius’s harsh words she remembers, but the way he makes her feel safe.

Soon, the very last thing he’ll do is let her walk away. He did the right thing, and that didn’t work out. Now, it’s time for him to embrace the wrong.

February 28
Dixie Wardens Inc
Dixie Wardens Inc.

Customer Reviews

The Reading Nano ,

Safe With Him

I, Cassius Ulysses Costas, a thirty-year-old man, was perving on an eighteen-year-old.

Cassius has had a thing for Alice for years but he’s lost so much in his life he won’t let himself go there.

Alice just thinks he hates her. While no man has ever lived up her standards.

“He wants you so bad that he’s practically gagging,” Kobe murmured quietly. “Keep doing whatever you’re doin’, darlin’. He’ll come around.”

It takes something bad happening for him to realize that she is his one and only. There was s some suspenseful moments and a shocking reveal that threw me for a loop.

I’m hot when I want to be. I choose my own hours. I make my own schedule. I do freelance hotness.

I don’t know who is coming next but I do know I’m gonna love because it’s LLV!!n

Srosenthal ,

Alice and Cassius

T I received a complimentary early release e-book prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.

This is book 4 in the series about a bunch of guys in a motorcycle gang that gets out of jail in Florida. We don't really know anything about the two prime characters when this book starts so it easily stands alone.

In this book we meet Alice who comes from a rich family in town. They own a harbor gas station, and a pizza shop. Alice actually works for Ettiene whose story is told in a previous book in this series, but her father also relies on her to run the gas station. Cassius has known Alice a VERY long time and has always had a thing for her, even when she was too young for him. Alice has just as strong a crush on him, but he avoids her at all costs.

Why? well, he is afraid of the power of love. He was sent to jail when his mother died, and he got very angry. Now he is out but his heart is too broken, and he feels that he and Alice come from very different worlds, and she is meant for someone better than him. But he also can't resist her pull and so he is there for her when she needs him. I guess you can call him her hero.

If you think he sounds awesome, then you are right. Despite his fear of love and Alice, I adored him. This is awesome opposites attract, age gap romance with lots of suspense and a HUGE surprise near the ending.

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