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God's way is hope.

Have you known the sweet sense of expectancy that comes only as the plan of God for your life is unveiled? Do you long to make each step you take a step of destiny? Anointed Blessings is an illumination of the path of God for the one who seeks to walk it. This path is mirrored in twenty-five letters expounding the ways and truths of the Kingdom. Each letter speaks to another phase of growth and reveals another lesson that the sojourner of hope may find their way through this world, climb ever higher, and draw ever closer to finishing their course.
In this complementary follow-up to Spirit-Filled Blessings, the Lord seeks to draw your attention and your affection to the higher way and the deeper walk. He yearns to lead you home in victory and bring you before His throne with great reward. He calls you to draw near to Him, to take His hand, and to let Him lead you beyond all that you think is possible.
Experience this journey today as a seasoned leader or a newborn believer. No matter where you are in your pilgrimage, the newness of His way and the greatness of His heart will resonate through these pages. Let the oil of His anointing pour down upon you and the oil of His joy rise up within you. Breathe in the new thing He is doing in your heart, and breathe out a manifestation of grace to all who hunger for His touch.

Religion & Spirituality
May 27
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Ingram DV LLC

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