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Another Agenda?

Those words conjure scenes of warped fairness, biased equity, grotesque frame-ups, stacked juries, prearranged courses of actions and events.

Everyone deals with the day-to-day incidents and experiences of their lives, rarely speculating whether if what occurs is somehow being controlled or created by outside forces.

Like the rest of us, Grant Westmore never wondered if there was an elite group of masterminds out there mysteriously plotting against him and his friends.  Until one night when Rob Moretti placed a collect call from a federal prison in California to Grant, one of Rob’s oldest friends.

How did Rob, an ordinary citizen on the verge of success in his life, become the target of this meritocracy?  Why, in the eyes of the secret society controlling his fate, did he have to be brought down by an illegal federal prosecution and incarceration?

Another Agenda reveals how the evil activities of a self-appointed and pontifical influential cabal, driven by power and greed, surreptitiously operated for decades completely above the law.  In most cases, its tampering effect crystallized into the most monumental fall in anyone’s lifetime — a fall that would essentially be impossible to recover from.

Another Agenda chronicles the crusade to keep Rob alive so he can see his most precious dream of raising his daughter come true, and so he can accomplish his critical mission of protecting the world from cyber-attacks.


Finally, Grant’s maverick crew try to persuade the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America to reverse the white-collar criminal case against Rob Moretti before it’s too late.

Will the White House endorse the Attorney General’s plan to see true justice prevail, and can that plan work before there’s an assassination at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Mom.  Apple pie.  The flag.  Red, white, and blue.  The White House. 

Is anything sacred or safe?

You’ll truly find the answer to those questions in … Another Agenda.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 1
John Waters
John Waters

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Another Agenda

This is a book you can't put down.

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