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Another Country Synopsis 2 Pseudonymous work
©2014 copyright Karl De Matos. All rights reserved
Apartheid South Africa. Jannie grows up in a affluent white Afrikaaner racist family . 1983; He ends his school career and joins the South African Police. He intends to dedicate himself to the protection of the Afrikaaner nation and the minority white apartheid regime. After graduating from the police training college he is partnerd with an experienced white English speaking South African who has a profound affect on him and insists on calling him Johnny. His influence tears at Johnny’s conscience about being racist and the right to be human. Together they set out to catch a gang of thieves. It’s leader is Simon Skosana. A member of the A.N.C and a challenger of racist South Africa.
They have many violent encounters and Skosana flees to Zimbabwe. The A.N.C. send him to America where he becomes a member of their Security branch.
Changes start occuring in South Africa. Deklerk becomes President and all political parties are unbanned. Nelson Mandela is released and the process of democracy begins.
A group of wealthy white business men team up to halt this process and bring in professional killers to kill all negotiaters. Johnny is heading a special branch that investigate threats against; and protect all poloticians. He hears of this intended threat and gets drawn into a world of international and local assassins. He and his team set off on a chase to catch these killers and stop them.
This gripping story speaks of the brutality during the apartheid era, but what sets it apart from other stories is that in the end reconciliation prevails and a unlikely union, - to fight crime and injustice - is formed despite all the anger and hatred of the past. A new country is born. Another country. South Africa
©Karl De Matos All rights reserved.

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November 15
Karl De Matos
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