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Answers to my Catholic friends:

When a pope dies, posters are put up all over Italy urging people to pray for his soul. How long must he suffer in Purgatory? Why hasn't he, of all people, attained the salvation of his soul?

How can we know if Christ completely paid for our sins once and for all on the cross, or if the Mass renews His sacrifice and shortens the time we must suffer for our sins in Purgatory?

Why don't Protestants venerate images and pray to the saints?

In this book, Thomas Heinze gives clear answers to many of your most important questions.

Religion & Spirituality
July 13
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Customer Reviews

Immortal M ,

Just Read The Sample

Not too bad just read the sample and so far it coincides with what I have seen in regards to debates with Roman Catholic Apologists as well as Roman Catholic Priests.

I look forward to reading the rest as well as recommending this book.

Xcdemolisher ,


I read the first 2 chapters on the mass and the Eucharist and put it down because of the poor level of writing. Not only does the author default to stereotypical Protestants arguments against the church (ie- the claim many priests don't believe in purgatory or that Catholics are instructed to "buy" masses to save their souls from purgatory without scholarly proof to back these claims up.)He also relies on a few cherry picked verses and "logic" to deduce his arguments again without any scholarly or other sources to back up his interpretation. What could have been an interesting step towards ecumenical discussion is really just a lazy attempt at rebranding old arguments that have long been debunked through scripture and history that show what the Church REALLY teaches. Pass on this one

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