Anthology of Short Stories: Autumn 2021

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There are twenty-three excellent stories in this edition of Fenechty Publishing’s Anthology of Short Stories.

Our editor’s choice was a close call between several stories in this edition, but has been awarded to Silver by Jim Bates, a timely reminder that beauty is more than skin deep and you shouldn't judge anyone by external appearance.

Cate Moyle's Salvador's is a touching non-scary ghost story, A Prisoner of Angels by Jim Tritten is a rib-tickling COVID story, and you don’t need to be a football or soccer fan to enjoy the whimsical Irish football tale of The County Final by John Carew.

Busy Old Fool, Unruly Sun by Ken Goldman is a treat for anyone who loves Shakespeare, and Through a Gypsy Girl’s Eyes by Judge Santiago Burdon is another non-scary ghost story.

Breaking Free by Jasmine Tritten is an account of the excitement and anxiety felt when leaving your homeland for a new country, and The Hell of it All by Leigh Doughty tells of the excitement and anxiety felt when leaving school to take a first job.

Jimmy’s Eczema by Richard Underwood is an autobiographical story of his Salvation Army work amongst homeless men in Glasgow, Scotland, and The Cellist Stalker by Andrea Barton is a heart-warming tale reminding us that, whatever the past, today can be a day of new beginnings.

The Conscious Round by Andrew Davie is a story about the unforeseen effects of justifiably taking another person's life, while Regimen at Mojave Run by LaVern Spencer McCarthy is an antidote for anyone seeking to lose weight through attending a health farm.

The Gardener’s Daughter by Lucy E.M. Black is a tale of the not so distant past, when status depended more on birth than ability, and One Night in Nashville by Nate Ealy contains two humorously different perspectives from both sides of a partition wall.

Death Imitating Art by P.A. O’Neil is a ‘what if’ story inspired by a pop song, and The Best Shot by Rivka Shlesinger is a story inspired by a woman who served in the Prussian army whilst disguised as a man.

Guide to The Outback and The Portal, are two short horror stories by Stephen Johnson, and The King of the Dad Bods by Matt McGee is an amusing glance at urban life.

Trials of a Heart, by C. Ann Golden, is heart-warming teen fiction about a deaf girl and a horse, and Loose Ends by B.A. Brittingham, is a poignant story looking back at a life about to end.

Our final two stories are The Trouble with Molly by Gerald Hayes, a hilarious travel story involving a talking parrot, and Small Change, a literary tale from Margaret Young examining the effect on a teenage daughter when her parents split up.

Fiction & Literature
October 6
Fenechty Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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