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You're at the right place at the right time. I believe in fate, and I think that could be why you're here, looking to release your mind from the grip of Anxiety Disorder. I suffered from anxiety nearly all my life and wished someone would just write about how I could understand my own brain, and show me I wasn't alone with this tangled-up mind.The brain often gets tangled with stress, worry, plans for the future, what someone said to you today, if something or someone is late, what to wear, loud noises, work, who's he or she messaging, whether your loved one or friend is okay, and many more things that all lead to the hated Anxiety!In this book, I take you from the beginning to the end of how to untangle and understand your mind, and I explain what causes the anxiety and triggers panic attacks. Also included are tips for if your friend or loved one is suffering, how you can help them, and what you should do vs. what not to do. I take you through all the anxieties—Work anxiety, Relationship anxiety, Social anxiety, Money anxiety, Health anxiety, and even panic attacks—and untangle their meanings and roots to help you better understand these areas. The secrets that lie within these pages are there to help you face and overcome the fears of anxiety.Exactly what you will learn:How to untangle your mind by understanding anxietyHow to help others suffering from anxietyA deeper understanding of and help pinpointing the type of anxiety you suffer fromWays to improve your routine to lessen your anxietyAlso included: Download anxiety eating guide Download anxiety breathing methods Anxiety quizPlus, Prime access to the next book, which will go deeper into the mind.Enjoy, and remember, your feedback is important to us and other buyers!!You are One Click Away from an untangled, healthier, happier mind.

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January 23
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