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In this deluxe edition of the "Anytime, Anywhere" series by Karina McKinley, you will get BOTH Volumes I AND II, PLUS an additional Bonus story not published in any other volume!

Included are these 13 hot, explicit situations:

1. Two college roommates attend an end-of-the-year bash in a nearby apartment. It isn't your everyday college party! Read on to see what exactly these roommates do with strangers they just met!

2. Mena is flying for business, again. But this time she is seated next to another business traveler who proposes they make the flight a little more fun. What exactly will Mena and her flying companion do at 30,000 feet and will they get caught?

3. Erica is on her fifth, and hopefully last, date with Paul. That is, until Paul does something to make the boring movie date more interesting. Will he satisfy Erica and make her want to see him again?

4. Shelby goes out to a club with some friends. She is having fun dancing until a stranger comes up behind her and wants to dance with her. Only, he doesn't want to just dance. What all happens on the dance floor? Read to find out!

5. A couple is out on a date at an upscale restaurant. Delicious food isn't the only thing on the menu. Read this one to see what goes on under the white linen tablecloth.

6. Corinne is at a baseball game with her boyfriend. But he quickly learns it's not just a game to Corinne. He sees her exhibitionist side come out for the first time, and much, much more!

7. Sara attends a get-together at her friends' house and meets Josh. The two decide to relax together in the hot tub. How far will Sara go with this man she just met, at a party at her friends' house no less?

8. Brandon is faced with a project for his college Communications class. The group whose web video gets the most hits gets the A. Brandon has an idea for the video, but will his classmates Megan and Brittany go for it? Read on to get a behind-the-scenes view of what goes on in a college dorm room!

9. A couple attends an outdoor summer concert. She is really into the band, but he is into her, in more ways than one!

10. Katie's been single for far too long. Her friend convinces her to try an event similar to speed dating, only much more intimate. Will Katie go, and what will she do with the men?

11. Mary Beth can't believe she has to ride the bus when her car is in the shop. Then she meets Brian. He has a suggestion for making the trip more fun and fulfilling one of his fantasies. Will Mary Beth go for it?

12. Shannon is a first-year high school English teacher who finds herself immensely attracted to one particular student. When he comes on to her, will she risk her job and future to give in to her desires?

13. BONUS STORY: Rachel has just moved into her first house. She wants to do something special to warm the place up. Read to find out what steamy plans she has for each room!

Fiction & Literature
August 9
Karina McKinley
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