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Biankha has enjoyed a life all her own for near a decade.  College in the city a state away, a tiny apartment, a mundane job she enjoyed…all a place for her to leave the responsibility of magic behind…and not just because of the human neighbors.  However…she's forever tied to her home because of duties required of the high position she was gifted in life.  A home she did all she could to escape for a taste of freedom and peace…only never setting a return date.  Her bloodline produces one heir per generation to serve as 'The Universal Librarian—Keeper of Ancient Knowledge'.  A high, respected position to all supernaturals…and coveted prize for cons and thieves.

Currently her mother's job in the small community she had no issue waving goodbye to.  A mix of supernaturals owning nearly the entire town as suburbanized mob-bosses, retired elders, former bosses, and a dash of humans to keep up appearances.  The All-American 'human' dream with the modest homes, safe streets, and schools not filled to max capacity. The bonus of that position, returning to 'take her place at the elite table'…the gods designed specifically for her a guardian to ensure her safety for life.  As her father is for her mother.  Although, Biankha is only part of a generation as never seen before.  Yet Ancients prophesized their existence…one day.   The special bonus for Biankha's return to duty…her guardian may be the boy she never got over.  The 'bar' she set for all men she met.  Not another man out there had a smile reserved for only her…nor eyes only she could see into his soul.

Jay, best friend of her older brother, became the live-in student her father must train not knowing who would be her true guardian in this life.  He joined her family following the death of his father and subsequent abandonment of his own mother.   Friends for life became the crush that intertwined their hearts, building the foundation for what was to come much later.  Revelations of their teenage secret affair fueled initially by youthful lust later exposes a bond unbreakable by even them.

A late night call from her mother in jail pulls Biankha back to the circus of home she'd been avoiding...and later has her questioning why she left.  Until a semi-retired council elder and 'part-time boss' of his own empire stand to be their greatest nemesis…the same man that landed both of her parents in a human jail.  Biankha must help the family hold everything together…keep her parents out of prison…and get this guy for daring to mess with her family in the first place.  Plans do change when they learn that his sights have been set on her and her magic, all along.  The twisted labyrinth of a single madman's design uncovered a piece at a time…one fight at a time…until the puzzle can be successfully solved.  The man they know as Clyde must be stopped before he takes out Biankha, her guardian, and family.  Possibly wiping out their entire community too. 

A comical, action packed look at supernaturals born and chosen to create a large extended family Biankha herself never understood the reach.  Exposing their business model and way of life close to that of a 1950's mob movie helped get a few cards on the table.  With the help of 'cooperating' neighbors, fellow hometown business owners with a similar thorn in their side, and shared desire to restore order, that the whole truth is revealed in ways no one expected or predicted, and threatens more than one girl's life.  If Clyde's going down…he's taking everyone with him…if not shoving them in first!

Fiction & Literature
July 22
Dawn M Hyde
Draft2Digital, LLC

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