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AOS Orchid Culture Volume 1 is the first seven American Orchid Society Orchid Culture sheets formatted for the iPad; featuring beautiful Orchid photography by Greg Allikas.

These popular documents have been at the foundation of AOS orchid education for more than a decade and provide orchid culture information in a convenient, concise interactive format.

Orchid culture information included in this volume:

• Catasetum

• Cattleya

• Cymbidium

• Dendrobium

• Lycaste

• Masdevallia

• Miltonia

• Basic Orchid Glossary

• Video

• Chapter Narration

• Interactive elements

• LUX Conversion Calculator

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February 9
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Customer Reviews

.Pook. ,

AOS Orchid Culture Volume 1

A definite 2 thumbs up! A great interactive app covering the basic culture of Catesetums, Cattleyas, Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums, Masdevallias and Miltonias. A lot of thought went into this, resulting in an app with well designed graphics and one that works seamlessly.

Some of the interactive features include a video on anthocyanins, a video on repotting, and a third video on how to decide between potting up or dividing, an audio version of each chapter, photo albums, a light/lux/lumen/footcandle converter, a built in dictionary for every word in the text and an additional glossary for orchid related terms. There is also the ability to search the Web or Wikipedia for further information. Text can be permanently highlighted in a choice of colors or underlined and personal notes can be added. And pinching the screen will bring up a row of thumbnails of all the pages in a given chapter.

Ursula K. ,

AOS Orchid culture Vol 1

I have looked for a while for an informative Orchid book like this to view on my IPad.
This one fits the bill, it has lots of great information and is wonderful on the eye. Hopefully the next volumes come out soon too.
I highly recommend it!

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