Book 1 - AP Calculus Interactive Lectures

AP Calculus Interactive Lectures Vol. 1

2022-2023 AP Calculus AB PowerPoints

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Publisher Description

This book reflects the recent changes in the College Board requirements for 2023 AP Calculus AB exam. 

Imagine having interactive PowerPoint lectures that illustrate every problem, walking you through the procedure step-by-step. Imagine having every proof, illustration, or theorem explained concisely and accurately.

This Book contains immersive and comprehensive PowerPoint presentations for every topic covered by AP Calculus AB classes or the AB part of Calculus BC classes. They can be used for both review and learning, a perfect fit for every student no matter their current knowledge of Calculus. 

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Every example and every lesson targets a specific skill or formula. With this book, you will have every concept you need to know at the tip of your fingers. At the end of this book, you will find the list of all the formulas and theorems needed for the AP test. 

This Interactive eBook has all of the tools and teaches you the tips and tricks to master Calculus in no time.

Our books are written by Mrs. Rita Korsunsky, a High School Mathematics Teacher with many years of experience teaching AP Calculus.

Her lectures are rigorous, effective and engaging. Students frequently credit their success on the AP Exam to these thorough, detailed and concise lecture notes.


Her students’ AP Scores speak for themselves: 

In average 100% of her students pass the AP Exam

 and 94% of her students get 5 on the AP Exam

For more information and testimonials please visit 

Also suggested for success on the AP Exam is Mathboat’s “Multiple Choice Questions to Prepare for the AP Calculus AB Exam”. This book provides the reader with comprehensive practice, which will help the student gain confidence, knowledge and test taking skills necessary to do well on the AP Exam.

The exams in this book are in the same format as the Multiple-choice section of the actual AP Exam. The problems in these exams are similar in their level of difficulty, wording and variety to those on the AP Exam.

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    Customer Reviews

    jimmeryyyyyyy ,


    When looking through this interactive book, I found myself immediately refreshed with all the concepts that I had learned back in calculus. The animations are smooth, the step by step instructions are great, and the key points are illustrated well. In addition, there is a cute story behind the characters that make things more interesting and fun to read. All in all, this book is great for learning calculus.

    Mrs. Gharibyan ,

    Good book

    I am a Calculus AB / BC teacher and I've been using Rita Korsunsky Interactive lectures for one in year in teaching so far. After using these interactive lectures, the AP scores of students went up about 30%. They are very visual with many different types of examples to help students understand the concepts and apply them to different types of problems. It saves me time whenever I have to go over the previous day's homework with my students. It is fun, rigorous, and engaging of students. With this book published, I hope my students will download it and improve their skills even more. I'm very excited that Mathboat is now offering a teacher's edition, and I'm going to buy it to use in my lesson planning. I love how this book is good for both teachers and students, and I highly recommend it.

    Mpf5 ,

    Wonderful lectures

    These lectures are very effective, clear and easy to understand. This teacher is remarkable. My son use to be her student. He loved her powerpoints. Studying these powerpoints helped him to get 5 on the AP Calculus BC Exam.

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