Apex Masculinity

Defeat Self-Sabotage Reclaim True Manhood

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Publisher Description

Dedicated to every father who through, abuse, neglect, impatience or indifference broke what should have been the most precious treasure of your life... We will now leverage your weakness and change the world.

A raw, unfiltered wake up call for men. It's time to recover from childhood trauma, abuse, addiction and anything else that's holding you back from becoming the most elite version of yourself. This book is a deep dive into the masculine journey of coming back from toxicity and achieving unlimited long term success in your career, finances, relationships and so much more. Put your seatbelt on, this will be epic.

Self sabotage and self limiting beliefs systems are destroying the modern man. This book will teach you how to stop pulling the pin on a hand grenade and tossing it into your own lap once and for all. Don't get left behind, it's time to evolve. Our reputations are rebuilt one good decision at a time. Don't leave this life filled with regret for not becoming the man that deep down inside you know that you can be.

Topics include:
The awakening moment. When we realize that the man we've been up to this point is no longer serving us or the people that we claim to love and care for.Building self-awareness muscles. How to properly carry ourselves in a culture where masculinity is under constant assualt.Understanding self-limiting beliefs systems and how to eradicate them once and for all.Understanding self-sabotage, what it is, where it started and how to stop throwing that hand grenade into your lap.Understanding the REAL reason why you use drugs, excessively drink and binge watch pornography.Understanding how childhood trauma effects your ability to succeed in life. It's not your fault, but it's now your responsibility.Undertaking the necessary steps to rebuild a mired reputation. Regaining the trust and respect that you deserve.Understanding leadership and influence. The world needs you, more than you realize.Building an epic marriage. Overflowing with real connection, passion and intimacy.Building a parenting strategy that will develop and launch your children towards a greater success in life.Understanding triggers for relapse and impulsive decision making and how to mitigate them.How to build a living legacy that's worthy of respect and admiration.Understanding the neuralpathways of your brain and how they connect to the ether around you.Understanding the law of attraction and how to use gratitude and courage to create limitless opportunities for success.
It's time to evolve. It's time to become APEX.

Health, Mind & Body
August 26
Nicholas R. Chontos
Ingram DV LLC