Apocalypse Meow

(Movie Club Mysteries, Book 7)

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“My descent to the Seventh Circle of Hell began with a lawn chair.”

When Maggie loses a lucrative contract for her P.I. agency due to an accidental full frontal flashing, she’s forced to accept the only other job on offer: one involving her nemesis, the pampered show cat, Quibbles. Maggie and her wacky associate Lenny are hired to escort Quibbles to the final round of auditions to become the face of a luxury cat food brand, Purrfect Paws.

Instead of the five-star hotel they were promised, Maggie and Lenny find themselves trapped in a run-down hostelry in the middle of a hurricane. To make matters worse, their fellow guests include five spoiled celebrity cats and their ruthlessly ambitious owners, all of whom are determined that their cat should be chosen as the face of Purrfect Paws.

And then a cat-astrophe strikes. One by one, the owners start dying. With the storm raging, and the body count rising, Maggie and Lenny are determined to find the killer before their inn turns into a morgue.

Can Maggie catch the killer or will her fur-midable opponent get the upper paw? Grab a copy and find out today!

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 25
Beaverstone Press
Beaverstone Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Jjjjeeeeennnnnn ,

Another great Maggie and Lenny mystery

I love this Movie Club Mysteries series and book 7 is just as great at the ones that came before it. In this homage to Agatha Christie, P.I. partners Maggie and Lenny are trapped in a hotel with a bunch of cat show contestants (feline and their human companions) and have to figure out who the murderer is. Like the other books, I found myself enjoying the characters and the absurdity that follows Maggie’s life. The book is laugh-out-loud funny and full of charm. After a stressful week, I found myself completely immersed in this story and got in some relaxing reading hours.

Zara Keane, if you are reading this, I want more Liam in the next story please!

B Warrior L ,

Another good mystery

Apocalypse Meow is the seventh book in the Movie Club Mysteries series featuring Maggie Doyle as an American ex-pat living on Whisper Island off the coast of Ireland. She relocated there from San Francisco after her marriage and career fell apart. She is trying to get her private detective agency up and running and showing a profit. A small island is an odd place for a detective agency so her cases involve things like finding missing animals.

Maggie and her partner Lenny are hired to take a Maine Coon cat named Quibbles up to Donegal for a cat talent contest he is entered in. Quibbles and Maggie have a history and it’s not a pleasant one. The five star hotel they are supposed to be staying at for the contest is closed due to a sewage problem. So, Maggie calls her cousin, Angel, to see if she will put them up in the hotel she works in. Unfortunately, Angel neglects to mention that the hotel resembles the Bates Motel more than the Waldorf and that Angel is the only employee.

While they are stuck in a death trap hotel with a hurricane raging outside, the guests start dropping like flies. Maggie, Lenny, and Angel are trying to find the murderer before anyone else gets killed.

Although I enjoyed this story, it was not my favorite. There seemed to be some threads that were left hanging. For example, I would l8e to know how Angel and Liam know each other. Maybe it will be explained in the next book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

gm2cats ,

Murder at the Great Irish Purr Off

Maggie, Lenny, Liam and the rest of the gang from Movie Reel Investigations return in a new mystery featuring Maggie’s nemesis, Quibbles the cat. After failing to secure a lucrative law firm contract due to an hilarious incident involving a lawn chair and full frontal nudity, the partners are forced to accept a job chaperoning Quibbles in the Great Irish Purr Off. Although the contest is scheduled to take place in a luxury hotel, a stinky sewer pipe eruption forces a change of venue and the nearby accommodations provided by Maggie’s cousin, Angel, are about as far from luxury as one can imagine. To add to the groups woes, rain, thunder and lightening eventually lead to a power loss and people are being poisoned. Maggie is worried about her boyfriend, Liam, whose anticipated arrival is delayed by the conditions, and she and Lenny must try to stop the killings and find the murderer while keeping their client, Quibbles, safe. This is the seventh book in one of my favorite series and Zara Keane once again delivers a tantalizing mystery complete with humor, atmosphere and intriguing characters. The cats are a bonus for this animal loving mystery fan. Maggie’s cousin is an interesting addition and I hope she turns up again in future stories. She has some explaining to do. I highly recommend this entire series and a new release always goes to the top of my TBR list. This is my honest opinion of an ARC I received from the author.

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