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Life was precious. People used to say things like that all the time, but none of them realized how true that saying would turn out to be. Life was precious, indeed. Each person in the room had lost someone or everyone…

Avery Andersson led a charmed life, even if she had seven siblings, still lived at home, had no love life (or much of a life at all), and was a homeschool kid growing up. She loved her simple life, though, and her parents, who were as devoted to their children as they were each other. As she bears witness to some strange occurrences all happening within the span of a few weeks, Avery begins to question everything she knew and how it was all changing so quickly. Meeting a dark and brooding soldier who saves her life only adds to the confusion she is spiraling into.

The sexy-cute blonde from the bar, the same one he’d saved from possibly being murdered by some random creep, was a homeschooled nerd from a family full of odd siblings and equally strange parents? And her mother was the therapist he was being forced by the Army to see at least once a week. Great. Combine that with her obvious distaste for him and clear disgust by his tattoos and Tristan knew enough to stay away from Avery Andersson for good.

However, their lives are about to intersect again and again as one tragedy after the other forces Tristan and Avery together in order to survive. As events escalate, the country begins to collapse and the night crawlers multiply by the hour, they will learn that fighting this out and sticking together is going to be their only answer.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 12
Kate Morris
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

EnglishTeacher04 ,

Never Disappointed!

Kate Morris always delivers! There is romance, suspense, tears, this book has it all! Loved reading The McClane Apocalypse Series, but I was skeptical about this new one. I finally broke down and downloaded the new series, Apocolypsis. Then, I read both books one and two within four days! I wanted to drag out the experience longer for the fun, but the books were simply too good to put down! Who needs sleep anyway? I cannot wait to read more about the main characters from books one and two in book four. Now, I am impatient about waiting to see who we will meet in book three. Thank you, Kate Morris! Your books are simply too entertaining!

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