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NATIONAL BESTSELLER. Astronaut Jim Lovell and coauthor Jeffrey Kluger’s harrowing account of the Apollo 13 disaster. Serving as the basis for Ron Howard’s blockbuster Apollo 13, the book reveals true details not shown in the movie. Thrilling and evocative, you feel as though you’re alongside Lovell in the lunar module. 
Written with all the color and drama of the best fiction, Apollo 13 tells the full story of the moon shot that almost ended in catastrophe. Minutes after a mid-flight explosion, the three astronauts are forced to abandon the main ship for the lunar module, a tiny craft designed to keep two men alive for just two days.?
As the hours tick away, the narrative shifts from the crippled spacecraft to Mission Control, from engineers searching desperately for a way to fix the ship to Lovell's wife and children praying for his safe return. The entire nation watches as one crisis after another is met and overcome. By the time the ship splashes down in the Pacific, we understand why the heroic effort to rescue Lovell and his crew is considered by many to be NASA's finest hour.?
Inspiring and astonishing, the story of Apollo 13 is a timeless tribute to the enduring American spirit and sparkling individual heroism.

February 20
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angie1229 ,

Riveting recount of “successful failure”

Not my usual reading fare, but a good book is a good book. I watched the movie of the same name numerous times, and knowing it used dramatic license on some of the situations, I was curious how true to reality it was. While some of the events were definitely punched up for drama’s sake, events that are depicted in the movie did actually occur, maybe not in the same order or speed as the book details. Still, I found the book hard to put down, and finished within a day. Highly recommended.