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“They’d killed me, but I survived.”
Three years after Rory Riordan foiled her own murder, she still trusts no one—not Dr. Z, the eccentric college professor who has taken her under his wing; not Benji, the endearing, attractive classmate who insists on following her around; and certainly not Cy, the beautifully dark and mysterious boy who sits in the first row in Dr. Z’s Astrobiology class and asks far too many questions.

When Rory witnesses Cy being abducted by soldiers in the middle of the night, she finds herself immersed in a world that holds more secrets than she could imagine, even darker secrets than her own.

From #1 New York Times Bestseller Jamie McGuire, experience the perfect combination of her bestselling books Providence and Beautiful Disaster. This New Adult Sci-Fi Romance is an action-packed, whiplash-inducing roller-coaster ride. Page after page, this unpredictable, dark, and sexy nail-biter will keep readers guessing until the very end!

October 6
Jamie McGuire
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Customer Reviews

Xotinkluvsyouxo ,


Jamie McGuire how I love thee!!!!

I absolutely loved this book! It is so unlike anything I have read before and I love it!

Rory's story is amazing story of a girl who lost everything and still at the end of it allowed her self to believe in people and find love. Benji and Cy cared for Rory and after a lot of fighting it she allowed herself to care f
Or the two of them. Even at the risk of loosing them. Then after finding out that not only are both of them not what she thought she also learned that they are all in danger.

SweetSR ,

Anticipation for the Sci-Fi/Romance

I am an absolute crazy fan of Jamie McGuire! I would read her grocery list if given the chance. So you can imagine my anticipation when the amazing cover was released and posted everywhere on the Internet. EEEEE! I couldn't wait for midnight to hit, so I could dive into uncharted waters, because I am a Sci-Fi VIRGIN!! I enjoyed getting to know the characters. Rory was so witty and such a smartalic. And I just loved Benji and his persistence. And of course, the mysterious Cyrus. I rated this book 3 stars, because I learned that I am just not a Sci-Fi Genre reader. It did not catch my interest. I had troubles relating to what was going on and keeping up with the fast pace change of events, which I know some readers love. I have so much respect for this author, to push her comfort zones and jump into new territory. I will continue to read whatever she writes.

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