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This course is designed to teach you the skills needed to be an app developer capable of bringing your own ideas to life. Whether you’re new to coding or want to expand your skills, by the end of this course you should be able to build a fully functioning app of your own design.

The course starts by introducing iOS development tools, basic programming concepts using Swift as the language, and industry best practices. Building on this foundation, you’ll follow a step-by-step curriculum, work through practical exercises, and create apps from scratch.

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November 20
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Apple Inc.

Customer Reviews

Pumasalad ,

liking this book so far, but there are some bugs

The Vocabulary list on page 50 (lesson 1.5 Xcode) is not clickable like it has been on other lessons. It looks clickable, but nothing pops up on the mac or the ipad. also there are a couple of typos where it says you can't do something and then on the next page it's doing exactly that something, keystroke for keystroke (page 24 says "let π = 3.14159" is expressly forbidden, then page 25 shows two examples where it says "let π = 3.14"). Still, these are tiny complaints. This is one of the most concise and easy to read (and understand!) books I've seen on Swift programming.

fsfsdfsdvxcvcvc ,

So many errors

This book contains A LOT of errors. Many of them are just simple spelling mistakes, which is totally fine, but still makes me wonder if it was proof read properly. The more concerning ones I’m running into are the errors in the codes. For example, on page 285 (maybe 286), it says correctWordLabel.text = game.formattedWord. This will not work!!! The code SHOULD be correctWordLabel.text = currentGame.formattedWord. I guess since I was able to figure that mistake out it means I’m learning something from this book. I just wish I wouldnt have to constantly check my code or think I did something wrong when it was the book’s mistake.

Anyways, Apple you should update this book to provide a way for us to detect errors and notify you of them quickly. Like ->select a section->two finger tap->notify Apple of error. Something like that.

Doctor Justin ,


Let's get one thing straight...

This resource is invaluable. Amazing. And wonderfully, I repeat, wonderfully put together.

I am a senior in college with experience in programming and this textbook is clearer than most. And the fact that this is teaching us how to build apps makes it even more difficult to build a textbook, because creating apps are difficult so the authors need to do a lot of "hand-holding" and almost teach us like if we had training wheels. THEY DO A GREAT JOB. This is a whole new language and it takes a lot to teach it, especially to many people (here) who clearly seem like they need the hand-holding. (Not a bad thing, just an obvious observation.)

The people who continue to complain are obviously just nit-picking and over-reacting and merely being distracted from the obvious use of this resource which is just to bring ios app building to the world and the common person-who does not know how to code. Stop complaining! My God. Take the book and run with it because it is a wealth of knowledge. Read to learn code, don't read to find what is aesthetically pleasing to your eye and what kind of font they use, etc. Seriously, they are giving information (free) on building mobile software, take it and be happy.

For those of you complaining that this doesn't work on your iPhone?
Coding is not meant to be learned on an iPhone. Get a laptop/computer setup the proper environment and practice. There is no way you will learn anything by taking 15 minutes out of your day to read this book off your iPhone. You need to practice it and practice it on a computer using Xcode. I mean come on now...if any of you went to school, you should know doing the homework is what really matters not just reading the textbook.

Another thing, WHO CARES if there are errors. That does not take away from the quality of this app. YOU mean to tell me you can build an entire interactive iBook on iOS coding and let it sit being reviewed for a whole year to nit-pick tiny errors, when this book could be sent out to the masses earlier and people can benefit from it? EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES EVEN SOFTWARE ENGINEERS. Stop complaining and give this book what it deserves, your time, patience, and applause. Come on.

Who else can create something this large and make it interactive with quizzes, labs, downloaded coding projects, etc...


I HAVE LEARNED SOOOO MUCH IN JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS. The way apps work is so complex and this book breaks it down beautifully and will even give you insight into how your favorite apps are made.

5 out of 5. Period. No other comments necessary. I won't even edit this review.

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