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Soon To Be a STARZ Mini-Series, Starring Emily Watson

Yvonne Carmichael sits in the witness box. The charge is murder. Before all of this, she was happily married, a successful scientist, a mother of two. Now she is a suspect, squirming under florescent lights and the penetrating gaze of the alleged accomplice who is sitting across from her, watching: a man who is also her lover. As Yvonne faces hostile questioning, she must piece together the story of her affair with this unnamed figure who has charmed and haunted her. It is a tale of sexual intrigue and ruthless urges—and of danger, which has blindsided her from a seemingly innocuous angle. Here, in the courtroom, everything hinges on one night in a dark alley called Apple Tree Yard.
Shot through with suspense and masterfully paced, Louise Doughty's novel is "a must read . . . if you liked The Silent Wife, you'll fall hard for Apple Tree Yard" (AARP).

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 14
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Customer Reviews

A.Pike ,

Apple tree yard

Good read...flawed relationships at its best...haunting

VinoDiva8 ,

If you Like Gillian Flynn Beware

I had this on my list because Entertainment Magazine rated it A- if you wanted books similar to Gone Girl. I’m only greatful that I didn’t pay full price. Perhaps the only comparison is that it is written by a woman.

I was intrigued with this book, as I knew nothing about it, and didn’t even read the “bio” (aka back cover) before I dived in. I read the bio after I finished, and I am speechless! The book narrates this woman’s (Yvonne, you don’t know her name until about 60% - or the bio if you read it first) thought or is she writting a letter (cause she does that) but I never could tell, to ‘you’. The “you” is the lover, and I use that term loosely.

There is alot of detail in this, and because it was compared to Gone Girl, I did read it, not skimmed, not knowing if the details from a geneticist would be part of a twist that never came. Whomever wrote the ‘bio’ description of this book needs to actually READ the book. Undressing does not mean you hike up your skirt & remove 1 leg from your knickers. Just sayin’. Having read other books in the erotic genre, this is not erotic AT ALL. It is cringeworthy. Cringeworthy in the same manner that 50 shades is. I’m beginning to wonder what British women/authors feel is romantic - men who treat a woman like dirt?? As this is only the 2nd book from a British woman (EL James was the other) and both books, the woman has no self respect.

I had to look up a few British terms, and because there is alot of detail about a courtroom, I thought I could skp over some things, but they kept on gettig repeated, so I looked them up, thinking, ok, this must be part of the twist (that never came).

I hated the message this author gives, about not reporting rape, oh, because you are having an affair. Again, I’m really missing something from British women authors. Please tell me there is one out there that writes a decent woman protagonist!! I really don’t know what the point/plot of this was, other than a woman, who has an affair, who is clueless, who fantasizes in her own head who he is, what he does, cause he sure as hell hasn’t told her ANYTHING, goes to jail, but hey, is happily married and is waiting for her ‘lover’ to get out of jail??

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