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A Comprehensive Illustrated, Practical Guide to Apple Watch Series 5 and WatchOS 6.

Do you have an Apple Watch Series 5? Have you upgraded your Series 3 or 4 to WatchOS 6? If yes, how do you use it? What is the best way to get the most out of it?

So you've got a fancy new Apple Watch – congratulations. But now prepare to supercharge your experience with our updated list of essential Apple Watch Series 5 tips and tricks. The good news is that watchOS 6, Apple's latest smartwatch operating system, is one of the more comprehensive on the market. This makes for a steep learning curve, but there's a great amount of opportunity for customization.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the newest generation of Apple Watch. The Series 5 introduces significant new features that improve functionality. To give you a fast start, we've rounded up essential hacks to help make the current Apple Watch even more useful, including improvements introduced through the most recent updates. Here is a preview of what you will learn:

• How to set up Apple Watch from scratch
• How to install watchOS 6.1 beta 1 to your Apple Watch
• How to use Cycle Tracking on in iOS 13 and watchOS 6
• How to use the App Store on your Apple Watch
• The ECG in the new Apple watch
• How to Customize Watch faces
• How to use Books on your Apple Watch
• How to use the Calculator on Apple Watch
• How to set up and use the hearing health features on Apple Watch
• How to use Voice Memos on your Apple Watch
• Track Health & Fitness
• Downloading Apple Watch Apps
• How to add and listen to music on your Apple Watch
• General interaction with the watch face.
• How to use the walk talkie in Watch OS 5
• How to Customize Default Replies
• Siri on the Apple Watch Series 5
• How to Browse the Internet on Apple Watch Through watchOS 5's WebKit Integration
• Troubleshooting common problems
• Much, much, more!

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October 14
Gretchen Ramos
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