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Apple’s Lisa

A Product Design Story

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Publisher Description

The purpose of this book is twofold. First, to tell the story of Apple’s Lisa computer product design…and its process, people and results. And second, to provide an educational experience for the book’s readers in product design process, design thinking and product design innovation.

Lisa was Steve Jobs’ original dream machine—it was not the Macintosh, as many have indicated. And Apple product design and industrial design did not start with the Macintosh, as some have also implied—it started with Steve Jobs, Jerry Manock, and the Apple II. It is important to tell the Lisa product design story, not only because it is a historical account of the early days of product design and industrial design at Apple, and in Silicon Valley as well, but also because this story has not been completely, nor always accurately, told in the past—and then, often told by those who were not even there!

It is hoped that this book will also be an educational product design guide. Though the so-called product design “tools of the trade” have changed significantly since Lisa was developed, the basic design process elements, methods and phases have not changed much at all. In this book are the details of how a sophisticated and revolutionary computer product was designed and developed in the early days of Apple and Silicon Valley, at least from a product design perspective. It is also about much of what is still necessary and essential for quality product design work today.

Herein is not some slick portfolio of fancy sketches, artistic renderings, and professional product photos, all choreographed to look brilliant and innovative. It is a straightforward textual and visual history of what took place in developing the Lisa product design. Enjoy!

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    September 29
    Dresselhaus Group, Inc.
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