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The Application Commentary of the Gospel of Matthew-Revised Edition is a verse by verse examination of the Gospel of Matthew and should be seriously considered for application in personal/family devotions, group Bible studies and Sunday school classes.  It is designed to build up and equip the Christian (new believer or lifelong) in understanding and living out God's Word.  Each section concludes with a portion called Summary and Application which discusses how to apply the scripture studied to daily life.  James summed this up this concept when he wrote: But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.” James 1:22 

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September 26
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Customer Reviews

tee47407 ,

Family Devotions

This is not only an excellent commentary that challenges the reader about the meaning of Matthew, but also is a perfect way to have 10-15 minute devotionals with your spouse and children of all ages. We have already been so blessed by the book and we have only had it two weeks. Can't wait to go over more sections. I mark each section that is particularly good and so far have marked every one I have read. I can't say enough good things about it. A bargain for the money.

markpenner ,

Great resource for Sunday School classes

I have found this commentary on Matthew helpful in teaching several Sunday School classes as it provided a great basis to teach from with how its sections are broken down into different passages, allowing me to find meaningful application throughout the whole text and not only from one central theme. The length of its sections provided great starting and stopping points, allowing me to go through the material at a pace that the class was comfortable with and able to comprehend the meaning and application of the particular Scripture. The commentary also provides numerous Scripture cross references, with many of them having the text provided without having to look them up separately, as well as references from trusted biblical scholars such as MacArthur, Spurgeon, Wiersbe, Sproul, Hodge, Ryle, Packer, and Martyn Lloyd-Jones, which help to emphasize and support the points made on how we need to seek and apply God's commands in our daily lives.

mdickson07 ,

Excellent Commentary

I'm studying Biblical Studies and Philosophy at Liberty University.
I mention this only to say that I take doctrine seriously. I have read
this book, and it is biblically sound. Scripture (in its
context) is constantly cited as the basis for the applications and
viewpoints. I should point out one nice feature is that when a verse is
cited it simply does not mention a particular verse for you to go look up
(e.g. John 3:16-18), but the vast majority of verses will be set out so you
can read them right there. I think the book's format is perfect for
personal devotions/Bible study, Sunday school teaching etc. Strohman has
done an excellent job of providing research in the form of historical
background, supporting verses and fitting quotes from proven theologians
throughout the ages in order to extract the plain biblical truth from this
Gospel's passages. After a section is read, it is concluded with thoughts
and advice on how to apply the Biblical truth to our world today. This is
done in a style that makes it widely accessible for teens on up.

I must admit that as I read this book I was again and again convicted by
clear and weighty biblical truth shown directly from the Gospel of Matthew.
This is not a watered-down commentary and certainly not in the self-centered
mode of some of the modern Christian literature which emphasizes a "feel
good" Christianity. This commentary is serious and confronts the reader with
a crossroads: "Will you obey God or not? If so, here are ways to apply this
text in your own life. If not, here's the cost." In summary, it is
Biblically balanced: telling the hard truths, yet all the while encouraging,
knowing that we all are weak and apart from Christ we can do nothing (John
15:5). Final thoughts: get it and get growing!

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