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What is your belief about personal development and Emotional Intelligence?
Have you met that one high achiever? You both sit through the same daily pressure, but he always proves that he comes through unscathed. He has a word of encouragement, always. And he's doing great with other responsibilities.
His level of emotional stability seems like an impossible feat to achieve. Something only reserved for him.People, for a long time, believed that adults have very slim chances of changing habits and learning new crafts. The brain cells are concentrated and unable to regenerate.
Ongoing research has shown that the human brain, however, has a great capacity to recreate itself and form new pathways throughout the life of a person.
That a man can change his pattern of living. That habits can unenlightened and new patterns relearned. That man can recover a lost ability and create new ways to adapt to situations. Man's ability to identify his emotions and direct its impact has remained a growing concern.
Today, research shows that emotional intelligence can be acquired and improved.
Creativity, imagination, and visualization are skills that help one develop emotional intelligence. But even deeper than these is the principle of mindfulness.
Mindfulness is the ability to access one's thoughts and feelings in the moment of existence.
Think about it like this: you wake up in the morning and begin preparing for work. You keep your mind on each process without thinking about yesterday or the day ahead. It focuses your mind on the present–preparing for work.
Mindfulness practice causes you to realize and intentional with your actions. It helps you master your emotions and have control over them. It helps reduce symptoms of anxiety.
By improving your self-awareness and self-regulation, you can develop your emotional intelligence.
Mindfulness meditation can cause the brain to experience physical changes. This is possible because of the concept of neuroplasticity.

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February 28
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