Apps for an A+ Student Apps for an A+ Student

Apps for an A+ Student

Conquer the Twenty-First Century Classroom

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*Updated and Revised Second Edition - Included: A New Chapter and Improved Study Tips*

Apps for an A+ Student is a comprehensive and interactive guide to transform your grades, maximize your productivity, and establish effective study habits by simply downloading school-essential iPad applications.

Written by a high school student for high school students, Apps for an A+ Student will forever change how you interact with your iDevices in the classroom.

Given the nature of applications, this updated second edition looks to reflect the updates and screenshots of the applications presented in the former edition (Oct. 2013). While also providing new study advice in the all-new “Study Habits” chapter. This new section looks to tackle the common misconceptions of a study environment to eliminate distractions and procrastination barriers.

Over the past three years of my high school career, I have been crafting an end-to-end solution in utilizing the iOS and Mac OS X platforms in every facet of school life. From beta testing the apps in my own honors/AP program to countless hours of research, this book contains a carefully curated selection of apps to conquer the twenty-first century classroom.

Book Chapters:

1. Time Management

2. Note-Taking & Self-Teaching

3. Studying & Test Prep

4. Paper Writing

5. Presentations

6. Study Habits

I wrote this eBook to help students, teachers, and school administrators deploy technology in their own life. When I began high school, I was completely lost in a sea of over 900,000 apps. With an iPad and a mission, I set out to find the perfect balance of applications to help me through this uncharted territory. This collection looks to help self-motivated students and those struggling to attain high marks, teachers, who look to better structure their classroom lessons and study materials, and school administrators, who look to find new inspiration when incorporating technology throughout their school district in accordance with curriculum standards.

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August 11
Colton Zuvich
Colton Zuvich

Customer Reviews

Whytheheckdoesitwabtanickname? ,


Absolutely fantastic. Would recommend to the multitudes as a teacher and a student myself. The author obviously knows the facts. Would read again.

Brian Bach ,


Not a student anymore but was for a long time. Would recommend to students of any Ievel. Educated reader on the best apps available to be an effective and efficient A+ student!

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