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Spiders. Over 35,000 species. Every person on Earth eaten in one year. Now there’s one more... a ravenous eight-legged hybrid thousands of years in the making and bigger than a dozen burritos.

After a summer of exterminator training in New York, Bradley returns home ready to face his senior year with renewed confidence. But fate gets in the way of his grand teenage plans – especially when eight legs attack instead of four.

And these aren’t your typical, everyday spiders. Their newly acquired taste for raw meat has them casting a wide net over Bradley’s sleepy San Fernando suburb. It doesn’t take them long to scramble up the food chain.

Add a vengeful ex-girlfriend casting a web of lies into the mix, and things get downright sticky.

But Detest-A-Pest can’t resist a challenge. Sam and O'Connor rejoin Bradley and his inventive friends as they wage war on an infestation of spiders poised to swallow not only the high school, but the neighborhood and everyone within...

Praise for Arachnid 2.0:

"I am no longer young and usually cannot identify with younger points of view in books. I instantly was catapulted into this world and I loved it. This book had the right amount of realism, gruesomeness and horror. it is a winner. I did not read the first book and I now regret that. I will buy the third though."

"Another great one! First there were rats and now spiders. I am so glad the story continues! Not only are the spiders trying to kill everyone, but they have to watch out for one vengeful ex girlfriend. I love all the characters in this series and I love the way new characters have been introduced. If you love creature horror books, definitely read this. The spiders are not your ordinary spiders and they have one objective...kill. With lots of action and some humor thrown in, it will keep you reading on way past your bedtime. The good news...another book is coming in 2020."

"This second book in the series takes another step forward from good to great. The characters and the story is something Stephen King would be proud of, don't miss this one!!!"

"Got the Ebook yesterday, read it in two days, loved it. The next Stephen King! Can't wait for the next one!"

"Fast-paced horror. Colorful and memorable characters and a great story. Warmly recommended. I loved it!"

About the Author

Since 1992, Lee has worked within the visual and dramatic arts landscape as a graphic designer, illustrator, visual effects artist, animator, screenwriter and author. He's contributed to an Emmy award and once walked 63.5 kilometers in 13 hours. Traditionally trained as a screenwriter, Lee has moved to writing books in order to share his stories.

Lee has spent most of his life living on an island in the Pacific Northwest and he writes in multiple genres that interest him. Why? In his own words: “Writing is magic. I’ll never understand how it works the way it does, but I do know if I put energy into writing, it rewards me in strange and wonderful ways. Even if I know where I’m going in a story, often I’ll end up being pulled in directions by my characters that I least expect. What ends up on the page never ceases to surprise me, and that’s super cool. Writing continues to be one of the most difficult and most rewarding aspects of my life.”

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September 23
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Lee Gabel

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