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The hero of the novel, Alex, flew to Barcelona to escape the persecution of cult members. He hopes to rest there as a tourist. However, he is invited to meet his boss Lucifer, Angel of Death, with whom he signed a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, Alex should tell his boss his opinion on the future of human civilization: to be or not to be?
Lucifer entrusts Alex with the last task. For this purpose, his appearance is changed and his memory is reprogrammed, and he becomes not only a man, but also a cat - Archibald. After graduating from a special educational institution, Archibald is sent on a spying mission to Ceres, where he should steal an archive with information about terrorists who intend to organize a military coup on Earth.
After successful completion of the mission, Archibald is sent to one of the small planets of the solar system, where life is possible, on a spaceship. There he is to found a new colony for living beings. Before that he recommends the Angel of Death to close the project of a human civilization on the Earth, referring that its development will inevitably end in disaster.
This is a romantic and yet detective story in which the author reflects on the fate of humanity and comes to the conclusion that people have missed the chance given to them by the Creator, at a decent human development on their planet and the peaceful exploration of outer space.
The main actors:
Archibald, cat and man
Irene, his girlfriend, a member of a rival intelligence agency
Lucifer, Angel of Death
Batman, chief of security on Ceres
Captain Molina, chief of police in the capital city of Ceres
...Real human talent is destruction. Not creation, namely destruction, you heard right. We are arrogant, purposeful and, it must be admitted, we effectively destroy nature, the foundation, the base of our existence, bestowed upon us from above.
Who is guilty? - apparently aliens. We're aliens on Earth. Destroyed cities, deserted villages. Scorched and cut down forests. Shallow rivers and lakes. Foul, suffocating atmosphere. Millions killed, sought. Billions of uneducated, poor, hungry...
Our Lord has long given up on us.
Today, thousands of species of living nature are on the verge of extinction because of our hyperactive activity. Hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and floods, melting glaciers in Antarctica, tsunami and God knows what else. We are changing the climate so much that there is simply no way back, but we continue. You have not realized that humanity has entered the last stage of extinction? Not? It's a pity...
Because ahead of us are waiting for new cataclysms, in comparison with which a collision with a meteorite, which will pierce through our mass through our planet, like a knife butter, a mere trifle. And what will happen when drugs and gambling completely force out virtual reality? Is this our future?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 13
Valery Rubin
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