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Alexandra Zuyev only thought she had been engaged to mafia boss Kirill Yegorov for two years. Actually her father had promised her to him when she was sixteen years old. After some investigation, she found out that Kerill had married several women, all of whom had vanished with no explanation.
For the past year and a half she planned on running away on her wedding night. The plan was simple. Swim around the jetties of their ocean front home, run down the beach, board any one of the buses on the Ocean Highway and disappear into vast America. The problem was, she had never swum in the ocean before and got caught in a rip tide.
Shawn O'Shaughnessy, an ex-Ranger and now Secret Service agent, had been assigned to watch the Zuyev house because the president was supposed to dine there within the next three weeks. He saved Alexandra from drowning but couldn't find it in his heart to turn her over to his superiors. He knew that they would probably turn this political hot potato back over to her father and that would probably mean her death.
Shawn decided that the safest place to take her was to his mother's house in the mountains of West Virginia. He let the mafia pick up their trail and led them on a three hundred mile chase before he blew away their hit man.
When they got to Mama's house his kin folk were pretty hot about bringing strangers around the family business. It was just as dangerous at Mama's house as it was on the road.
Alexandra had never been allowed to date. Shawn was the first man that she had put her arms around even if it was because she was riding his Harley Davidson. Even though Shawn had been through a pretty rough break up, he fell in love with her the moment he pulled her out of the ocean. Alexandra's heart and mind wrestle throughout the journey. But something happened that made her mind suddenly realize what her heart had been trying to tell her all this time.

August 2
Henry Givens
Smashwords, Inc.

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